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Eddy Thompson
Thanks Larry. It says so much that I feel but did not know. I can confirm all of this is true as well as I'm sure you can. I am changing and adapting and taking him with me everywhere I go and I remember him in everything that I do. I'm not trying to get away from it but there is so much to work through. There is only one way through it and that is straight ahead and where I'm going now. I'm not trying to speed it up or slow it down, I'm just taking it as it comes. I know it is a task that will never be finished but rather just a part of my life and a part of me. Maybe the biggest part of me but I'm not sure yet. No way to measure or quantify. It's not logical nor is it suppose to be. It just is what it is. It can't be forced to do anything. I can only accommodate it and I know there is no other option or choice. It's just a part of my life now.
UH-60 you know it was your dads yellow and blue that matched up with these old slippers left at my place by my sister in law. I posted the fish looking at Eddy in the Mad Mosquito and they were born. Though the fish are a little silly i took a few pics of them on the floats of your machine at the fly-in.

WELL...only because the colors came up i will post this
The oFISHial family photo
DSC_0002-3-1.jpg picture by albcnu

back a bit ago BayBEE arrived, me and sue human joke about him.

At the time when GASMAN was creating his build log i was struggling to accomplish even
the simplest task on my machine. His postings were an enormous help, and though i had to 
let the factory do the build there are several things of his i copied like the foot pedals and making the holder of the stinger removable. 



Thanks for sharing that with us. My dad really liked the way you had a theme like he did. He always laughed at Sue and Al and what you would do with them. I know his build log was and still is a very big help for many people building the Mosquito and that was his intent. After making the dream a reality he wanted to see as many people as possible fulfill their dreams as well. This was his legacy and it will live on for a long time.
I also have his helmet.... not sure what I am going to do with it.

Mark, you're going to keep it forever.  Or until you can pass it on to one of Eddy's grandchildren who also has been bitten by the aviation bug, and who will treat it with the respect it deserves.

I lost my father in an airplane crash (our Citabria) back in 1977.  I was in my twenties and had to deal with everything from the FAA, to the morgue, to wreckage recovery, to the press, ... I know you know the drill.

I managed to hang on to his pipe and a few other items, nothing with any extrinsic value and nothing as iconic as a helmet.  Yet I cannot envision a time when their personal value will decline to the point that I would part with them.  They have become totems that will be discarded shortly after I join him, but not before.

If I may make a suggestion: unless you too play the sax, his instruments will not survive neglect.  I'm sure there is an overworked/underpaid high school music teacher in the Austin area who knows a kid who would treasure one of Eddy's axes but can't afford it.  Horns need to be blown.

And just get used to the fact that when you are stressed, you will dream about him.  This is not a bad association; you just don't need him as much when things are going well.
N8421L Mosquito XE-285
Thanks Chip. I will be restoring the helmet at some point. I will probably give one of his saxes away (a begginer horn) but I will be keeping His Selmer Mark VI. I won't play it though since I already have my own. My dad was very hard on this horn. It is falling apart and the body is bent pretty severly. I am going to put it as is, in a stand, on a shelf in my house just outside my music room with some pictures of him playing on either side. Anyone going into my music room (me included) will walk past this display in the hallway. I guess I will start working on these things (restoring the helmet and displaying the sax) after the dedication and the flyin are over. I feel like I am in limbo until his ashes are spread over the field and the dedication is made. One step at a time.
i have been watching youtube videos all day and came across this one.. thought it might not of been seen before.. if not delete it please

i am glad i got the chance to spend some quality time with eddy last year. it was a special flight except we forgot the key to his mosquito hanger. a great guy, missed at snf this year. 
Pardon my rudeness, but was there any definitive information on the cause of Mr. Thompson's accident?
Eddy's crash investigation results:
Thanks for posting the picture Turbo. That's a great pic of you two. My dad and I had a great time hangin out at Sun-n-fun with you last year.

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