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Eddy Thompson
Hey all,

Thank you so much for the condolences and prayers. I guess it goes without saying that this has been a really tough day for my family and I. This is not what I had in mind for my 42nd birthday and I will never be able to celebrate on this day again since it will instead be remembered as the day I lost my best friend. Not to be funny but it brings new meaning to the term “Independence Day”. I was at work today when my wife showed up with tears in her eyes to tell me the news. I obviously grounded myself and left work immediately. The rest of the day was spent talking to my family, local law enforcement authorities, the FAA, Dwight, John Uptigrove, Mark Hornsby and buying plane tickets online. I'll be in Florida from Monday July 5th until Monday July 12th. The memorial service will probably be on Friday or Saturday but nothing has been planned as of yet.

I explained to John and Dwight that the Mosquito fulfilled a lifelong dream for my dad and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen him happier than he was in the past three years. Many of you know how much my dad enjoyed the Mosquito but it was the community that he really loved. You all can be rest assured that he went out doing what he really loved and if he had to pick his poison I think this is the way he would have wanted to depart.

It's so hard to believe that the last time I saw my father was a month ago at his father's funeral. Since then dad and I have been on the phone pretty much every other day. This is not my first trip to this rodeo as I have seen many friends die in crashes and I’ve actually seen some of them happen. I haven’t had the time to cry or grieve yet since I’ve been takin care of business since I heard the news. I appreciate and get much strength from the support of the community and I’m sure it is what will keep me upright and walking forward through this whole process. I will keep you all posted here in this thread on any details that develop in the next few days. Thanks again for your support.
I would like to re-iterate what has been said here. Eddy will be greatly missed. Like others here, Eddy was always willing to help out. He and I spent many conversations talking about the Mosquito helicopter. Eddy was always very generous with his time and knowledge. The death of a great friend has a way of helping us to remember that our time here is very limited and we need to enjoy life, spend time with friends, and do not take this time for granted.

My condolences to the family.

Blake Avant
I'm numb with disbelief.

My prayers and condolences go out to his family.
Sorry I didn't get to meet Eddie in person.
I was on his build site first thing this morning before i realized the news.

My condolences to his family
My deepest sympathies go out to Mark and the rest of the Thompson family. Eddy was one of the finest men that I know and will be sadly missed by myself and the entire Mosquito community.

John Snider
God's speed Eddy. We'll miss you.
It was our pleasure to know you.

Leo & Carol
I first talked with Eddie after I had ordered my kit, number 1025. Eddie heard that I was going to do the builders assist at Dwight’s and he wanted to be a part of it to help with his build. My kit was delayed while I waited to see how the Aerotwin worked out with John. Eddie went ahead with his build and was the pioneer of the online build log for the Mosquito. I followed his build almost daily and was inspired by his progress as I am sure everyone else was at the time. When the Mad Mosquito flew it was a highlight for the whole community. I first met Eddie at Oshkosh where he was more than willing to share any of his build knowledge and answer any questions that I had. Last year he made sure that he personally invited me to the gathering in Florida; I wish I could have gone. I last saw Eddie at sun and fun when he told me all about his ride in the Red Bull helicopter. He was all excited about getting to experience the full aerobatic routine while taking his ride. After he had told me all about the Red Bull helicopter he continued to encourage me to finish my Mosquito. What a huge hole this will leave in the Mosquito community without Eddie. He will be missed for sure.
I was deeply saddened about the news of Eddy.  He will be missed greatly by everyone in this group.  I know he certainly enjoyed owning and operating his Mosquito helicopter. 
i went twice in treton, 2009 and 2010. allways i meet Eddy, walking he gave me a smile and said some jokes, embrace me and saying the man that has the bigest name in this place
i am very sad with what hapenned
i do not accept what happened mainly with him, that was a very serious about safety.
really we need to know what happened
Mark with words nothing to say just with fellings
my wish to you be strong.
eduardo pimentel
Our condolences to the family for this unexpected loss and tragedy. The sparkle and wit of this inspirational man will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to experience it.

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