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Eddy Thompson
I was shocked to learn of Eddy's death. He always impressed me as a very safety conscious person. He had an innate ability to be able to see trouble before it happens. We must all be prepared to be with Jesus Christ. Some people seem to excape deaths clutch when others meet it unsuspecting. We can only be ready because Jesus has a plan for us. I met Eddy only once, but his help and participation with the build group will continue for many years to come. He contributed much and that is a testament to his kindness and caring attitude he had for everybody concerned. My deepest condolences is given out to his family. He certainly showed good character and that showed an outstanding representation of his family and upbringing. Dave
It is with deep deep sorrow and heartache hearing the news about Eddy. I always considered him as a dear friend from the moment we first met. He just had that type of personality. He was always so helpful and full of laughs to bring ones spirits up. For awhile I was calling him on a daily basis. He was always there for me whenever I had a question about my build. He was a good story teller, a great teacher, and a kind man. I thank GOD that I was given the opportunity to know him while he was here with us. Those of you who know Mark, knows that that is a reflection of the kind of man Eddy was. Sincere and of great character. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. We are going to miss you dearly Eddy. Sad
Hey guys,
I went to the bank today to see what it would take to get a memorial fund account open for the Thompson family and I was going to post the information here on the forum for those of you that wanted to contribute to it. Well, long story short, I couldn't do it and on top of that the damn government would want a cut of it in the form of taxes. Anyway, I was thinking of a way we could get around all the B.S. We could just send money directly to Mark at his home address in the form of a postal money order. If the money orders are just made out to him he can go directly to the post office and cash them and it would be just like giving him cash in person and the damn government can't get it's grubby hands on it. So, Mark, what do you think about this buddy? I know we all loved Eddy and I think this could be a small token showing that love and appreciation we had for him and that we have for you. What do you think guys?


You are good man for making this effort.

I'm in for a Hunsky. Lets get on this program.

Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler, AZ
I'm very sorry Eddy had to fly south so early in his life. I'm going to miss him. It's makes me smile to see him strutting in that racy blue flightsuit. Keep'em flying, Eddy!
Hey guys, Mark has a great idea there! Send me money! I will need 15 grand to pay for my half of the "Mad Mosquito" and another 15 grand to have enough to pay for a new Mosquito that I will assemble and fly in my father's honor. I'll even paint it blue and yellow. Yeah, great idea Mark! Just kidding fellas (except for the part about painting it blue and yellow). All kidding aside, that would really help defray the cost of the services. I think it would be better to send the money to my mother:

Margaret Thompson
4980 Worthington Circle
Rockledge, FL. 32955
Thanks for the contact information Mark.  I'm writing the check now.
I just read the news, I can't believe it. I met Eddie at last years factory fly-in. After reading Eddie's build and post I looked forward to meeting him and he couldn't have been nicer. What a good guy. I so sorry to hear of this loss to Mark and all your family. Eddie will be missed by all who knew him. He loved flying the Mad Mosquito.
Hey all. Thanks again for all the love and support. The warmth is overwhelming and is really keeping me strong through this whole ordeal. The memorial will be this Saturday July 10th at Florida Memorial Gardens in Rockledge, FL. Dad will be cremated so this is just a memorial ceremony for all who knew him to come and share their experiences. Here's the address:

Florida Memorial Gardens?
5950 U.S. 1
Rockledge, FL 32955-5737
(321) 636-5054
Wish I could be there, Mark. But I'll do the next best thing and make a point of being airborne at the time.
How about it mossie fliers?
What will be the actual time? (In zulu please for us foreigners)

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