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New Mosquito Guy Questions
After my original post in this thread, the things I have learned have been positive. If the designer is in fact a P.E., that makes me feel much better. I expected all the owners to be positive, and they were. I hope as I continue to stack the deck, in the BUY column, there's not a turnaround in the attitudes. I am liking what I see.

Height / Velocity diagram available there.

tyc - 8/12/2010 11:56 AM

Save for the most recent accident, one regarding an XEL, (the second such Mosquito accident and both were XELs) this site appears to be mum in that regard and the source for data released so far regarding the most recent accident is the man's son, an individual who when you consider the circumstances, seems to be doing a rather decent job of it. That the accident in question was reported to FAA is at present, an unknown here. As of the other month, a check on my part with the FAA has shown that accidents regarding the Mosquito aircraft, if they have in fact occurred, not one has been reported, including the earlier and just noted XEL accident in which the pilot was also killed.

Of course the FAA doesn't have information about two ultralights crashing. The FAA isn't interested in ultralight accidents, nor do they investigate them. The way your statement reads, is that there's something suspicious to you about the FAA not having reports about XEL crashes. In short, it's an ultralight, and they don't care. I recall reading on here about the first accident, and now the second. If I can find it, it can't be hidden too well. Your lack of knowledge about the matters doesn't make it a conspiracy.

And the release of the accident information about the latest crash may have come from the son, but the source of it was everyone involved, which most certainly did include the manufacturer and designer. Sounds like you didn't do your homework before posting this message, which would cause a casual reader to think there's some sort of secret going on. There isn't.
Why is everyone putting emphasis on the fact that the 2 accidents were XEL's? It's my understanding that the XEL is only an XE with floats.
I successfully flew a Tierra II ultralight with a redrive for 100+ hours. The Gates Cog belt on the redrive was problematic. It seemed to wear out at about 25 hrs and FAIL at about 30. It seemed to be a function of how many teeth of the cogbelt were engaging the small PTO pulley. The big gear on the redrive was very close to the PTO so only 6 or 8 teeth were pulling, if I remember correctly.

I'd like to hear from the designer of the Mos, on cogbelt geometry and the logic he put into engineering it the way it is. I trust a cogbelt IF THE GEOMETRY IS RIGHT and the HP/RPM application is per Gates engineering data.
My point in saying that it was the XEL that crashed was to explain why the FAA didn't have crash data. Nothing more.
Oh OK... so there's nothing particular implied about XEL except that it is an unregistered ultralight and there will be no official accident investigation.
I understand.
Bryan, what he's saying is that the XE is out of the UL class because of it's weight. There is, however, an weight allowance for floats, which allows the XL to be re-classified as an UL, or XEL. John has the particulars on that. Speaking of John, I believe he wanted you to email him with your concerns and design questions if I'm not mistaken. You might send him your cog belt question and he'll get back to you within a day or so.
Are you "really" interested in purchasing a Mosquito, should you deem it to be worthy?
There's something about this whole thread that is ringing a bell, but I don't know why.
I'd really like a lot of info on the reduction unit.
The engine, I think I read, is nominal at 6000 Rpm
The big cog looks like about 7.5" dia and the input cog about 1.5" dia.
The big cog looks like 100t and the input about 20t.
5:1 cant be right? 1200 head RPM?
That's 772 MPH tip speed WRONG.
What I'm lookin 4 is how many teeth on the input are pulling?
Just my two cents, just like Nathan said, any aircraft you buy takes research thats a given. I can tell you from my own personal experience I would have never put a deposit down if I didn't trust the company or most importantly the people behind the company and the product. I am so greatful for all the wonderful new friends I have met through this whole journey of my XET build. I have learned so much and have had so much enjoyment and confidence in the people behind the product and the product itself. I shyed away form other helicopters that I looked at before for the lack of what I feel I have with the mosquito, just my personal thoughts.....

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