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New Mosquito Guy Questions

I am not a pretentious guy. If I say it ... it is thus . I am definitely a potential customer! I have owned a Brantly for 6 yrs. Although I never owned a Mini-500, I flew them with confidence. I am 49 now, and as of 3 months ago, take Lisinipril for blood pressure. I let my medical lapse and got my Sport CFI rating. I want to enjoy aviation now without the hassles of FAA blood pressure monitoring and the special issuance process. I like teaching in Kitfox's and stuff like that but my passion is an economical helicopter in the yard so I don't have to drive 30 minutes to the airport. I kept my brantly at home (Look at my Facebook Page you'll see I am a straight-up guy) but the gas costs just killed me! I'd say 250 out of the 300+ hours I put on it was solo.

The Mos seems to be what I need ... but I am a SERIOUS WAIT-N-SEE GUY on this one. When I was flying the Mini, I had no children so if I "bit-it," I felt there was no love lost and no-one was depending on me. It's different now. I have a 6 yr old who is depending on me. If I am convinced over time, that the Mos is not a maintenance hog, and that's it's reasonably reliable in the air, I'll get one.

I have NO AGENDA. I just want to truly get the straight poop before I get into it. Again... I am a straight up guy. Yes I am a potential customer. Yes I am enthused. Yes I want to learn more.

By the way, I haven't been trolling here long enough to learn names. I don't even know the names of the movers and shakers at the factory. I work as a boiler designer and would like to get an email from the kit designer at
Ah.... Just found a picture showing cog belt at engine PTO. Now I understand the double reduction of the 6000 RPM.
Well understood Bryan and I'm sure everyone like myself respects your opinion. Hope you can see a mosquito up close or if you get a chance make it down to Trenton FL to the factory, i'd be amazed if you were not impressed. Oh and being there are so many Rob's on this site, I'm not sure which one of us you were refering too, I guess that make me Rob #3, LOL.
Sounds like a Kitfox dual cross country to Trenton is in my future. Do they have 800 or 900 ft to land?
If all you want to do is see a Mosquito up close, just post a location and ask for an invitation someone nearby.
Bryan, I wasn't accusing you of anything at all, sorry if it came across that way. I recall on another forum once a guy was asking all of those types of questions, and people sent him drawings, plans, and so forth to intice him to buy, and he built his own. I think you can see the value of having everything all kitted up and not waiting for parts from here and there.
Yes, be very careful and get fully educated on the Mosquito. Use the recent tragedy as a lesson, Eddy would have wanted that way I
believe. BTW you mentioned SP. The Mosquito doesn't qualify for the SP unless something has changed very recently. Whereas it does
weigh 254 lbs (my AIR does anyway), and I think a SP plane can't exceed 1,250 or so, it seems that the FAA has deemed helicopters to be to "complex" to be availiable to SP. Don't let that spoil your day though, either go with the AIR or the XEL.
Rob2 (from Texas, Rob1 is from down under, and I forget where Rob3
is from. You'll eventually figure out who we are.

BTW here's the designers name and email, give him a shout.
John Uptigrove
If I may answer the question as to the FAA's involvment in my father's crash, the FAA was involved but they knew the Mosquito design well enough to ask weather it was the ultralight or experimental version. They were on scene until they found out it was actually an ultralight and then they dropped it like a hot potato and I have not heard from them since.

The first death associated with a Mosquito crash was also an ultralight XEL and it was due to pilot error when the inexperienced pilot was trying to land on water. I think he had one of the floats dig into the water and then he flipped the helicopter.

Based on my experience (I'm a commercial helicopter pilot) with crashes you are more likely to get quicker information on what occurred in an ultralight crash rather than a crash that is investigated by the NTSB/FAA.

bryancobb, if you want an email from John Uptigrove then make sure you email him first with your questions. He is a very gracious and sincere man not to mention a good friend and stands by his product. Like he said, he will reply to your emails but you need to send them to him not expect him to look for your email on here and answer the questions you have posted in threads like this one. He reads most everything on here and replies to everything that is appropriate but he really is a busy guy. You seem like you are pretty direct so why not go directly to him. I'm sure as you srutinize the Mosquito design you will come to see it is the right choice for you. We are happy to have and benefit from your type within our community especially once you concede that this is a great design. If it helps at all I must say that even though my father just died in a Mosquito, I still can't wait until I get to fly one again. Good luck.

I am aware that NOTHING sport pilot wise applies to fling wings!
That was not why I mentioned it.
I mentioned it only because the Mos XL = No Medical and Sport Pilot CFI = No Medical.
So the designer is in Canada right?
The factory is in Florida right?
Is Mr. Uptigrove involved in Florida?
If not, who's THE person in Florida?
I understand they are all very busy, I don't ask
anything much from them.
I'm just trying to find fertile ground to harvest information.
Following advice in this thread,.....

...Is there any flying Mos's nearby?

Bryan Cobb
168 Simpson Circle, NE
Cartersville, GA 30121

See my Brantly and Mini-500 videos and pictures on my FaceBook Page.

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