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New Mosquito Guy Questions
garyd - 8/16/2010 6:52 PM

It's not too hard to be younger than Larry. He's older than dirt, man. (laugh) Sorry Larry. I couldn't resist.

Gary, he (Larry) loves it Wink He likes any attention he can get. I'll say this for the boy, he sure knows some beautiful girls up in his neck of the woods!!.
rhrocker - 8/16/2010 5:12 PM

A competent pilot would never re-fuel his aircraft in flight, by himself, with no seatbelt on and no hands on the controls.
Bryan, remember when I said that I thought there was something else going on here with your stories??? I'm kind of starting to think that again. I sure don't want to be the cause of John not making a sale though, so I'll lighten up. At least you are researching the best helicopter out there for the money.
So you were in the military? Tell us about it. Did you fly helicopters? Maybe I've missed something in the earlier posts. I believe you indicated that you have money, and a family. What age gentleman are you? (of course you don't have to answer). I'm
60, several years younger than Larry.

Well, keep studying and researching, but watch those stories, they can't possibly help you.

Wow ... sorry I got your feathers ruffled with some of my stories. I just thought folks would get a little smile....
Hopefully I can gain back a smidge of respect from you by waxing biographical.
Yes I was military. Air Force Enlisted from 79 'til 86 when I swapped to Army and after Royal Blue Flight Class 87-17, I became a Chinook pilot.
I only stayed Army for 2 years though when a nasty divorce monkeyed with my medical status. I married my current wife a year after my discharge. Then I went for a "Special Issuance" and got my 1st class medical reinstated.

After I got out I went to school on the VA's dime for 5 yrs in Mechanical Engineering at Southern Polytechnic in Marietta GA.
After school, I became a Georgia State Trooper and flew for GSP for a couple of years. Law enforcement was not my cup-o-tea, so in 1999, I got the job I still have as an ASME boiler designer for L&L Industries, in White, GA.
I also bought my B-2B in 99. I sold it in JAN 2006, to a Delta pilot from Griffin, GA named Charlie Menger.
I paid off my house with some of the money and banked the remainder for the future.

My wife and I adopted our first child at 3 days old from Las Vegas, in FEB 2004. She's in 1st grade now.

I am 49, married 22 yrs, dad for 6 yrs. and love helicopters and telling stories. I am sorry my stries offend you but they are the biblical truth.

You are welcome to check my Facebook page for video, still pictures, and text. My Brantly is prominently posted on And my ratings and limitations are are available for all to see at

Very Good Bryan. Yep, very interesting You've done things I've only dreamed about during my lifetime.
Seems that there is a place on the forums for stories, not sure where but you'll run across it. Also keep up your research on the Mosquito. We'd love to see you become part of the team eventually. This is the best group of guys that you're going to run across, and they're all willing to help you.
BTW, I wasn't offended with your story.
Looking forward to watching your progress and enjoying your adventures in the future.
Thanks Rob2. I'm really not the idiot I may have portrayed myself as. Probably like you... I have done some idiotic things though.

I have "turned over a new leaf" and started another thread where I'll remain true to the purpose of researching the Mos.


As you can see, you won't make too many friends telling stories about crazy stunts on this thread. While the Mosquito is intended mostly to be a fun, recreational flying machine it needs the same level of respect as any other flying machine, particularly helicopters. So we want to make sure promote the right attitude here so that present and future pilots don't get the wrong idea about how to look after their machines and how to fly them. Thankyou for recognizing and respecting that. Establishing the right attitude can make a big difference!
Yeah John,

It took me a while to figure out the personality of the forum here.
Some guys started relating experiences and I "chimed in."

I do take my helicopter stuff seriously. I have 2 decades of almost total immersion in rotary wing aviation.
Every waking moment was filled with helicopter-something for at least 10 years.

I do feel I have a lot to offer and gain here. I kind of regret the 1st impression I made.

Maybe as the guys get into what makes me tick more, they'll see I'm the real deal.

Excited about the Mosquitoes

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