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UK Mosquito
I was just wondering about owning a Mosquito XE in the uk?
are they allowed etc...
Thanks in advanced Smile
We have a dealer in the UK who has been working on it. Not there yet but we will let you know.
Any news so far?

Anything of interest to keep me dreaming of legally owning one here?

I have emailed the UK dealer,no reply.

Many thanks...........


P.s PPL(H) R22
Hard to believe that the Brits built the first Mosquito, the radical but wildly successful WWII fighter bomber, amongst other amazing aircraft and engines.
What happened to their enterprise and inventiveness?
Britian has about the worst experimental aircraft environment in the world. Very few experimental aircraft have received approval there. Hoping to get someone who can carry the Mosquito through the somewhat arduous approval process there.
I'm in the same boat as Seb - tried emailing the dealer but to no avail ?!
Is there still a UK dealer ? Is he doing anything ? Is his email still valid ?

I was reading CAP533, CAP747, etc. (the CAA's docs for PtF, Airworthiness Certification, etc.) and at over 300 pages each just add to the confusion.

There must be some value in Mosquito providing the support, etc. to get this through as it would only help your sales. Believe me, there are plenty of people who'd spend £30K or so on one of these rather than a nice car (or have a crappy car and one of these).
We have the following options in he UK:
Robinson R22 (old and expensive to maintain plus they time out)
Guimbal (new and unproven but still expensive)
Rotorway although this is generally a no-no for differing reasons.

The CH-47 maybe coming (a guy is going through certification with the CAA at the moment I understand.
We need an ultr-light less regulated category but that's for the CAA to agree to but in the meantime.... Mosquito, come on help us out !!

Regards (with a stiff upper lip as we're British and used to own the world bwefore America)

Potential UK purchaser. Any more news?

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