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Mosquito Presence at Sun N' Fun?
I hit the enter key before I was ready to post the inquiry as to whether there would be a Mosquito presence at Sun n' Fun for 2006.

If John is going to be there, he is on the road now. Anyone else know the answer?

I looked on the Sun n' Fun web at vendor list and did not see the Mosquito or the mother company Innovator Technologies listed.

Anyone know?
Eddy Thompson
We'll be there! I won't personally this year (for the first time in five years) but my South East US dealer and XE body fabricator Composite FX will be there. He'll have a Mosquito XE, open frame Mosquito and a static display of the turbine XE which we haven't finished yet.
Thanks John,
Looking forward to Sun n' Fun and especially the Mosquito goodies.
Just a few more days....Alright!!!

Eddy Thompson

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