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2 Stroke option
Is it possible to fit the Rotax 582 to the XE, I am flying Flexwing Outbacks in Australia, using the 582. Its reliability and ease of parts supply, Maintenance, Repair, make the rotax the most widely used 2 stroke in Australia. Could it be possible or even worthwhile. Cheers Bob.

Right now we are trying to adapt a turbine and a four stroke to the Mosquito so are keeping ourselves busy doing that for now. I don't know if the 582 can be mounted vertically and if it can I'm not sure if it can fit into the fairly short envelope we have for it. I think for the similar weight and cost you will find the higher powered, turbocharged, four stroke aerotwin to be a much better option anyway. The aerotwin was designed in New Zealand.
So what is the cost of the aerotwin looking like? Projected hover in ground effect at gross? What is the status of the turbine? Waiting for info before sending coin
Thanks for your advise, I am overall, very impressed with the XE.

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