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I googled the MZ202 engine
very good info had problems with engine since put new type piston cherrs
Thought this would be good info for all you newbies, and any one else who may not have read it.

Does everyone use the Castrol TTS oil, or have there been other makes successfully used since this thread started originally?
Dwight and many others (including John U, I think, John pipe in please) are using Legend ZX-2SR.

On Dwight's recommendation, it's what I use.
Thanks for posting that! Extremely helpful for all of us. There's a lot to learn about jetting.
I've been using Pennzoil full synthetic Marine since day 1 (99 hrs.) and pistons always look fine with
every inspection. Just sayin.
Hey!! Gary.

Ya!! I know this an old post but also thought there was a lot of very good information to be had.
I use Amzoil Dominator racing oil, and also have had very good luck with it, 100 hours so far. I would venture to say if you lined up 10 people and asked what oil they use there's a good chance you could come up with 8 to 10 different answers. I believe even the best oil could coke up the rings and leave a gummy residue of un burned oil on top of the pistons if jetted to rich.

I too use the Legends oil that Lorne mentioned. I have just under 180hrs on my MZ. I just picked up the 285 this weekend and will continue to use the Legends.

The factory uses and recommends the legend oil
I used to use Amsoil but after Dwight recommended the Legend oil I tried it and found it actually did keep the cylinder and head clean and actually starts to remove existing deposits as it claims, which was impressive. It leaves a light layer of carbon on the piston crown but the cylinder and head stay completely clean. So currently its the best oil for the Mosquito.
I would buy this oil (Legend ZX-2SR), but it seems that here in Italy and in Europe is not available.
there is someone who bought it in europe?


vorrei acquistare questo olio (legend ZX-2SR), ma sembra che quì in Italia e in europa non sia disponibile.
c'è qualcuno che lo ha acquistato in europa?

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