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Control Authority
(02-16-2017, 03:32 PM)mosquito Wrote: We just happen to have a slightly larger safety margin over a larger machine.

 - which does seem to be borne out by the (very few) NTSB reports. I could only find five accidents in the database, of which one fatal and one serious, and none caused by failure of a production helicopter component.

I guess that quite a few fender-benders go unreported, and the Mosquito fleet's total flying hours may be in the low tens of thousands, but that's still a pretty good safety record for a machine which probably attracts low-time pilots.

Just by way of introduction (because I haven't posted in this forum before) I'm a European fixed-wing (Maule) pilot, just starting to fly helicopters (mostly an Enstrom 280C). I don't own a Mosquito yet, but I'm considering switching (up-grading?) from the Enstrom to an XE 285.

I don't expect the XE to be quite as easy to fly and forgiving of my bad "fixed-wing" habits as the Enstrom, but I would welcome any advice or comments on that subject.

Thanks in advance,

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