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Hey guys,

How much to ship to the UK?
Have you got anyone over the pond with one of these beauties?

Keep up the good work!
Depends on which model. The open frame Mosquito would cost approx $800 and the XE would be closer to $1200. We've shipped a couple to Belgium, as well as France and Spain.
I was told that the $800 is the "crating fee" and "insurance" and that the kit comes from three different locations.

(1) Main Body / extras like vertical fin: Florida - $800 crate fee + the shipping price paid when delivered ( estimated: $265 )

(2) Engine: Canada - paid when delivered to the delivery company (estimated: $240)

(3) Quick Build FAB parts: Kansas - a member builds them there and ships from that location (shipping costs $$$ ?)

so like and extra $505 dollars plus what ever the Quick Fab Parts cost to ship...

How much is the VAT in England? 17.5% or 15%? Here in France it's 19,6%...


You forgot the 4)... the rotor!

And you forgot also: Customs fees and also the Forwarding Agent...

Forget about the "quick build", it's only few stamps...

Where are you in Europe to estimate the cost of the shipping so cheaper?

I'm not - I'm here in the US. I just recently got informed that my kit was shipping and that there are some outside fees that I was not expecting. I placed my order in AUG 2008 and it's now JULY 2009 (approx 11 months) it is finally done.

This is what should be listed per Ordering Costs and Shipping (Depends on location)

$ 29,000 -Kit with proof of 10 hrs of flight training
$ 800 - Crating & Insurance on main fuselage/body


1. Completion kit...John Uptigrove...Calgary, Canada.......Shipping cost: $265 (Madison, IN)
2. Engine....Compact Radial Engines..Vancouver, Canada...Shipping cost: $240 (Madison, IN)
3. Fuselage...Dwight Junkin (Factory)....Trenton, FL...Shipping cost: depends on your location (example: Chicago: $1100 on that particular date)
4. Rotor blades...Rotor Flight Dynamics...Tampa, FL....Shipping cost: Depends on Location (est-$250)
5. Quick build kit...Doug Bryant...Kansas....Shipping cost: Depends on Location

Estimated Shipping Costs: $1,905

Estimated Total: $31,705 for kit with all parts/components shipped to location.

Should figure for Paint & Shop Tools.
Also: - add on the price of any options that you buy as well.

The above example gives a clear picture of what is involved when purchasing the XE Kit.
how much to ship an XE3 to Australia.?


You should contact Blair HOLLANDS is the dealer in your area:
Jean-Rémy (XE 1077 - Sud Bretagne - France)
Kookaburra - 12/3/2009 1:49 PM

how much to ship an XE3 to Australia.?


Hi Brian,
It depends if you ship it all at one time or in sub kits. There are tariffs imposed by customs etc. Id say if it was in 1 shipment it would be somewhere between $1600 and $2000

Don't think you will get it at one time. There is too much of a back log. Still waiting for mine. Mine was paid up front. Not really a problem though. Gave me time to finish the body. Bottom line is, I'm glad I have such a high demand helicopter. John and Dwight have a great product worth waiting for.

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