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Are FAA Restrictions on the Mosquito AIR in the loop?
:o I am very worried that by the time I have saved the money to order my Mosquito AIR the FAA will have their filthy hands all over my freedom to fly it. Does anyone know where you can find proposed laws about this matter and how to vote against such Restrictions? Thank you.
I wasn't aware of any future restrictions?
Smile Awesome!
Keep me posted. Everyone who owns a Mosquito AIR in the United States should be prepared for the FAA to crack down on our little Whirly's. When they try we must fight back for our Liberty. Truely, I believe It is just as important as our right to bear arms.
I agree, if your worried about issues like that you should join if not already a memeber the AOPA or better in your case to better represent homebuilts, the EAA. Both are great organizations and do a great job in Washington representing us.
Join the EAA. They fight for your freedom to build and fly your own aircraft better than anyone. I am not aware of any impending doom regarding UL helicopters, but I hear unsubstantiated innuendo on a regular basis. Join EAA, and AOPA, get the facts, and enjoy your Mosquito UL.
I have posted several times on this. I have some contacts within the FAA that have said there will be restrictions forthcoming. I have nothing specific but have heard rumblings that there will be no ultralight classification for helicopters. Despite the weight, single seat etc... it is still a helicopter. When the Ultralight Reg's were written there wasn't any such animal.

Hopefully, they will Grandfather those who have them now. Those who have been in aviation a while, understand that most regs are written in blood. That is, a reg will become reality if a negative trend develops, crashes, deaths, shoddy business practices etc...

The best thing we can do as a subculture of aviation is to operate 100% above board, safely and with appropriate training. I know many don't want to (or in some cases can't) get a helicopter rating. Hopeful we can be self policing and reduce any undesirable exposure.

i dont think they will try any thing any time soon but if they do i am ready to fight for my right to fly and if they try any thing they can kiss my get the got to watch what i say..he..he
I Have a mosquito air and planning on getting it signed off experimental, I had not heard of any new proposed restrictions. Were you referring to the ultralight rules changing or experimental? I have heard that the faa is starting to look closer at the heavier looking ultralights and may start checking them for the magic 254 lb weight limit.
The FAA has left the ultralight category pretty much unchanged for its lifetime of some 40 years. Many attempts have been made by the ultralight industry to change it with virtually no success. Rumours have always swirled about impending changes for better or worse and yet few if any have materialized. The category lacks logic in some ways, but it is also one of the few remaining institutions I know of that leaves the individual with so much freedom and responsibility for himself. The FAA has pretty much left the ultralight industry to police itself which has worked well enough for so many years that they haven't felt the need (nor do they want) to mess with it. I think so long as we take responsibility to FLY SAFELY, do our preflights, post flights, and maintenance with vigilance and the sense of responsibility it deserves, we can keep things as they are. Its up to US!!
There may be some confusion between UL, and Sport category. I too, have friends within the FAA community, and haven't heard anything about changing the UL category. There has been lobbying by some to include helicopters into the LSA category, but I don't see that happening. I agree with John, best way to keep the powers at bay, is self policing. If you see something that may cause us embarrassment, let the individual know why you think its a bad idea, but don't call the feds.

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