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Jerry Wilson Dynamic Rollover crash :(
I am subscribed to just about every user on youtube who has a mosquito.. just saw his crash video this morning.. its horrible.. he says he is ok which is the most important.. hopefully he will come on and post what he thinks happened..

here is video he was having engine problems before crash..

engine trouble

crash.. Sad

I saw larry posted on there as well.. man.. this is such bad news.. i love watching Jerrys videos flying over trains and gardens..etc.. Sad

wow that is a heartbreaker. truely fortunate to have not been hurt. im sure it is embarassing for him to post but it is very important to help the rest of us understand the dangers of DR. my guess is during the previous hover auto he performed his starboard gear had lodged in the turf and he didnt catch it in the walkaround before trying to start the bird again. hope jerry gets it back in the air one day because i too love his videos...Joey
Glad he's OK! No-One should be embarrassed at all. This happens to A LOT of helicopter pilots. It only takes 1 second from start to finish and most folks take 1.5 times that to even start to react.
I'm pretty sure I heard him roll off the throttle as soon as he saw he was going over so the blades were freewheeling. They stopped instantly when only 2 blades struck the ground, I think. Did not look like one hit the boom.
Glad Jerry is ok - its sad to see a beautiful machine torn up in a dynamic rollover event, a comment/speculation on the engine performance- a lean out and back fire is symptomatic of clogged fuel filter -
So sorry to see this, and yes, it happens very fast. Looks to me as though he had a stuck gear leg, saw something similar at Trenton two years ago, fortunaly the leg broke free in time. Embarrasing? Perhaps, but accidents happen, the important thing is no injuries, the helicopter can be rebuilt.
wow that was fast...i hope he post the cause of this dont ever want to do that with my air im building..i was surprized how fast it rolled happy he is ok wonder how much his repairs will cost him to get her up and running again
I didn't watch the rollover video yet but in the first on it appears the spark plug has blown out of the lower cylinder. It looks like I can see it out of the cooling shroud. It's hanging on the wire still. I had this happen to me. Preventative Heli-coils are the answer. I'll have to watch video number two. So sorry to hear about this. At least he's fine and the copter can be rebult. Regards, Cam
Good eyes Cam, plug hanging on the cap. I had steel inserts installed in all three cylinders after several stripped threads. Spark plug caps should be zip-tied to the engine cover too. Again, no injuries. Wink
I am sooo thankful that Jerry is okay. This could have been very bad. Really enjoy the videos.

Everyone noticed that this happened very fast. That is the way it occurs, FAST. In the scheme of dynamic roll over this was not even as fast as it can occur. With a helicopter with more power it happens even quicker.

The ONLY thing that can be done to possibly recover from this is to DUMP the collective. Once you reach that critical pivot point, even that won't do it. Cyclic will not overcome it either.

For all of the new pilots, if you are not level when the skids are light, reduce collective and start over.

Again, I'm glad Jerry is okay. Time to learn and rebuild.

Hopefully, Mark will open a discussion on the Academic forum. We can all learn.

Another comment. For you guys who saw the video of the Brantly that ALMOST rolled over, where the pilot put his leg out the door, everybody ridiculed the pilot for sticking his leg out. Well as you can see in Jerry's video, instinct takes over and it is an involuntary response. It has nothing to do with being stupid.

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