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Jerry Wilson Dynamic Rollover crash :(
Skeeter - 7/3/2011 6:43 PM

Uvalde, where the hell is that? What sectional? Might be able to fly my plane to you.
Dave, Uvalde is a quaint little city of about 18,000, located on the San Antonio Sectional (UVA). It lies about 60 miles due West of San Antonio on U.S. Hwy. 90. It's midway between SA and Del Rio, an Air Force training facility. A lot of us used to pack up and go to Via Acuna to eat authenic Mexican food, but because of the drug problem and the cartel, we all stay away (unless you're in Jr. High or a Freshman in High School, you travel there for your first encounter with the ladies, a rite of passage so to speak. Even that has tapered off from what I hear. Great airport. There's a Citation II makeover plant there, plus a company called Serria Industries modifies older Citations by trading out the olf engines with new Williams units, really beefs them up. This area boasts some of the worlds best White Tail hunting there is. Each year high dollar hunters buzz in in their Gulfstream II's where their ranch formen pick them up and take them to their huge private ranches. A LOT of money comes into Uvalde during the hunting season.
Sure, would love to have you come out sometime Dave. Maybe later on towards Autumn when it's not so hot. Give me about a weeks notice because I do a little traveling and would need to change up my schedule some. Wasn't it you and Blair (Oz) that were going to venture this way one of these days? I recall him saying that he and some Texas AIR owner were goig to come down for a visit eventually.
But don't fly down in some silly fixed wing airplane Dave, fly down in your XE, lets get that engine broke in. You can fly my AIR.
Looking forward to seeing you!Rob2
Wish I was going too!
Well heck Rob1 come on up! Grab Blair and hop on a airplane, you'll be here in about 20 hours give or take. You'll need to rent a car in San Antonio.
Hey, bring your Barbie and some of those big giant shrimp (I think you guys mistakenly call them shrimp, everyone know they are lobsters. I know a bartenderess in Perth, you could swing by and grab her. She knows a lot of people here in the states. She's a
knife maker, and her work is sought after around the globe.
Bring one or two of those giant rats with the huge tails, methinks u call'em roo's.
Sounds good! But what I want to know now is how to start a new thread.
You will all by now have seen the video of Prince William of Somewhere doing a controlled ditching in a SeaKing.
Damn! Five years on the North Sea and I never got to try that!
How about some of the other "heavy" drivers? Hawk IP? Kenneth Mark? Who can tell us about this fun maneuvre?
Rob1, just click on "Forums" in the left hand side of the page here, and it'll take you to all the general forums, for instance this one, General Discussion. At the top of the threads, on the left hand side will be a box to click on for New Thread.
I thought that controlled ditching was really smooth, although I doubt that it was a auto.

No, no, not at all. Damn smooth flying though.
Thanks for the pointer Rob2 I 'll go to that now.
Ok, ordered 3 new pistons from Leon yesterday, and requested new wrist pin bearings and base gaskets that he added for free. Sad
Sent my cylinder in for repair, and will be ordering a few things from Aircraft Spruce. Should be back in the air in a couple weeks.

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