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Jerry Wilson Dynamic Rollover crash :(
I've been chatting with Jerry about this. So to keep speculation in line here's what we know. Jerry said his son forgot to tighten up the spark plug as they had just checked them. So during his hover after the checkover it backed itself out and blew out. Having seen pictures and watched the video of the rollover, my take is that the hover auto dropped the machine with just enough impact to have the right pad stick itself to the ground or get caught in the grass. After the plug was torqued back in the following liftoff resulted in the rollover. All the control rod ends were intact and the control system was working properly after the rollover. So as is often is the case it looks like a series of unfortunate events that combined to result in the accident.
As Darwin mentioned, this happens often happens to heli pilots. The reminder for all of us is to lift off slowly into a low hover and make sure all is clear before proceeding higher. I'm as guilty of not doing that as anyone, but that is the correct method that they always teach in heli school.
The important thing is that Jerry wasn't hurt at all and is in good spirits as always.
I have TWO...count em'...TWO fellow employees of the Georgia State Patrol that rolled over State Owned helicopters.
Capt. Mike Chumley, who is a DPE, rolled over a Bell 47, in the 1970's, WITH THE GOVERNOR ON BOARD. Frost had stuck the skids to the grass.

Trooper First Class Joe Zebeau rolled over a surplus OH-58, a few years ago, beside the Hardees parking lot after eating lunch. He was horsing around and tried to dump another Trooper off the skid who was trying to board.

I unfortunatly got into this in my air a couple of seconds into my first flight at the helicopter Fly-in in Trenton. Lucky for me I lifted up oh so slowly and had the earth give way just in time to recover. I had my right rear skid pad get lodged under a clump of grass which caused my bad pick-up. This kind of stuff happens to pilots of all experience levels each and every year. I'm just glad Jerry is alright
and hope to see him flying again soon.
Fly safe
WOW. Glad to see no one was hurt. If you freeze the video around 46 seconds right when the MR blade strikes the ground, look at the bend in the tail boom then it snapping off. Not much left to salvage. A very sad situation for Jerry.
John thanks for the updated information -
Glad no one was hurt. Hopefully this wont keep him out of the air for long.
I'm so very glad no one was hurt during this event.

That being said...I almost cried. I know how hard it is for me to save the money to start my own project.....and I just watched one be damaged. life has such a small price tag.

With this in mind.....could this be a indication that the right skid plate tends to dig in? I'm not claiming it.....just asking.

That skid plate is opposite of the tail rotor.......and Topofgreen also stated it was the right rear skid. Should this skid plate be modified to have upward angles for the sides \_/

Only you owners (and designers) could answer this, but it is an idea worth consideration.

thanks for the update john
once i ve put a comment .....
i forgot the image

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