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FAA procedure for experimental licensing
I haven't seen this posted anywhere on this site, can anyone describe the process of the licensing, registration and inspections for experimental aircraft (Mosquito XE of course). Do you have to transport the aircraft for FAA inspection, notification at start of build, what does it cost, how are you assigned a tail number etc. Appreciate any and all input.
I just went throught the process about 6 weeks ago. First of all, you can request a n- number (registration number) anytime, on the FAA website. It cost 10 bucks. I suggest getting the EAA registration kit, it will walk you through the entire process and the kit cost like 15 bucks. If you use a DAR, a lot of that paperwork in the kit you will not even fill out because that is what a DAR does, "push paperwork". I chose to go that route in Florida because my local FSDO has no clue on what an experimental helicopter even is, so getting the FAA to do it was almost not even an option. Some parts of the country are different, John Sieberts got his done out in Arizona using the FAA and that is free. I used the DAR Dwight has used out of Chicago, Tom Melton, who I highly recommend, what a nice guy. Him and his son did the paperwork and inspection on my ship at the factory in Treton FL on there way to Benson Days and they were great to deal with. The hardest thing for me was just getting it scheduled at a time he was in the area and available. The cost was very reasonable.

Also almost forgot, one tip I can tell you is don't wait to pay the tax on whatever your state taxes are going to be. If you wait till the FAA to send it to your state office, I can almost bet you it will be late and guess who's fault it's gonna be...Your's and the state will charge a penalty. I seen that happen in aircraft sales, that's why when I did mine I paid FL way before mine was flying to make sure no late fee's were charged and that the state had there correct figures because they don't have a clue most of the time. If you have any questions send me an e-mail.
Try this web site it is a wealth of info for aircraft certification with links to all the FAA documents
I was thinking of buying the EAA's little certification kit when the time came: The kit itself and a video about it.

Ahh, seek and ye shall find, thanks very much for your help!
Hi Rob & Chris- I did get my experimental airworthiness cert. in AZ. but used a DAR, its basically impossible to schedule a FED to do the inspection out west. he hadn't done an XE yet but had certified 3 other fixed wing homebuilts for me so I think he was comfortable with the way I build. The surprise was the FEDS showed up during the inspection to see what all the hub bub was with this Mosquito thing! Well, they were very impressed, thought it was one of the best kits (fixed wing or heli they had ever seen) & pleased that it was a builder assist with the factory. Went very smooth, just make sure all the paperwork is done ahead of time, your DAR will help with all the pre-paperwork, as Rob mentioned. By the way I have about 16 hrs on my XE still playing around the airport. Later John 
Thanks for the information John, every little bit helps. I gotta say it's just awesome how much everybody here is willing to help out. Can't wait to start building my XE.

...The surprise was the FEDS showed up during the inspection to see what all the hub bub was with this Mosquito thing! ...

It's really funny that the FAA makes folks think they don't have time to do an airworthiness inspecton unless they WANT to. How many of us really WANT to do our job?

Only AFTER $400+ was shelled-out to the DAR, did the FAA show up.

If you are about ready for an FAA inspection, It may be worth $400 to you to get someone at your local FSDO "INTERESTED" in your Mosquito project. That supposed "6 month wait" may turn into couple of weeks.
Most FSDO folks do not want to do an airworthyness inspection because of liability. Our government in their infinite wisdom has made many of the things FAA employees do liable for their actions. Try getting a new never before approved 337 done!! To get around that they now let AI's do approvals. If you can find someone from the FAA to inspect your mosquito, go for it, but you may find paying a DAR the easiest way to go. I just use a DAR. Yes I have had FAA come along with the DAR. They like to look over the DAR's shoulder. No Liability!!!
This morning I bought the EAA registration kit on their website. Picked out a nice t shirt while I was at it. I figured it was as good a time as any so I joined up which gave me a discount on my purchases!! I don't think I should wear my "The FAA- we're not happy intil you're not happy" t shirt when they inspect my XE!!

Thanks again for all your suggestions guys.

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