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If someone was to order a Mosquito XEL now, when would it arrive?
Not saying that I will, but if someone ordered one today, for delivery to CT, when would it arrive?
I ordered mine on April 1 and my order was #235. Think I was 30th in the queue and I'm told that the mold pops out a new body about every 10 days so do the math. Where are you in CT?b
They are on somewhere around kit #144 right now. Unless they skipped some numbers, you are more than 30. Hell waiting isn't it.
Whoa Jim, not sure where you got that number. Kit #200 is coming out of the mold this weekend. Several of the kits up to the current 239 are Airs so do not affect XE production. Dwight pops one out of the molds about every 8 days. We had a rush of orders before the price increase so backlog is up a bit.
Thanks for the update John, saved me an email! The wait isn't bothering me all that much since I am having such an awesome time flying the R22 and becoming a better pilot with every lesson.
I live in Clinton.
I just sent you a PM. Small world isn't it? If you order a Mosquito you would be the third owner in CT and the third in Clinton!!!
So when's the Clinton CT Mosquito Fly-In?
Thought you were using serial numbers! My serial number is 147 is will not be done until maybe July.
Serial numbers dont always indicate the sequence in the production line, sequence is determined by date of order as the diffrent dealers have blocks of numbers to fill

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