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If someone was to order a Mosquito XEL now, when would it arrive?
As I just told Chris in a pm I am pretty sure I won't be ordering one. I am actually just a 14 year old who is fascinated by flying, and am always looking for loop holes in the system. The idea of a Mosquito was mostly a joke, but if I could get one it would be replacing my horid thing called a bicycle which although not very old is somewhat broken 24/7. I would love to meet someone with a Mosquito around here and try flying it (if your ok with that). Building my own/helping someone else build their Mosquito would be something I'd love to do over the Summer.
Also just saying if I have any miss-spellings, or bad grammar its because I use my phone for all my web surfing, so things like that occur often.
Hogwit, 14 is not too early to start saving up for your own Mosquito. When I get started on mine I would be happy to let you take a look and maybe get your hands a little dirty. As far as letting you fly, well, you would need to get flight training first. Helicopter flying is not something you can learn on your own, it's a challenge to say the least. I have a fixed-wing license and that did not help at all when I first climbed into the R22. That being said, it's the coolest thing I've ever done and as soon as I climb out I can't wait to get back in! So keep the faith and remember there is always a way.

Lorne, the Clinton fly-in will be announced at a later date. How long do you think it will take you to get up here?
I've seen videos of people who teach themselves to fly by first tethering it to the ground so they cant really go wrong, then later disconnecting it from the ground and adding a long pole between the two skids at both the front and back that are curved so they can screw up a little, but still be ok. I'm guessing that flying a helicopter is much harder than a plane, because those are very easy...
Hogwit, I also have fixed wing hours and have recently started helicopter training. I watched the videos of people with outriggers and heard the arguments of how Mr Sikorsky (sp?) taught himself etc. My first inclination was to follow the same course. You will never know the challenge until you try hovering and never appreciate the extent you can get in trouble when the hover turns freaky. I suppose as long as you're tethered the impact will be limited but watch out for that first gust of wind once the tethers are cut. If you're going to dream, keep it real and it can become reality one day. Dreams don't save money though so start that now and you'll be in good shape when you're ready. Good luck and keep aiming high.
hey hogwit, i got a feeling you should give it a try. go with chris up to ellington airport and give it a try. if you can hover that R-22 within 10 minutes i will pay for the flight. if not you will have a whole new appreciation for hovering a helo. i know chris a bit so you are good to go. he is a good man. a fine pilot to. good luck with your flying interests. 

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