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How long when one orders the air would it take ?
banker_776 - 5/18/2011 11:04 AM

Hi Rob i live in Rockford IL..James is correct there is a lot of detail to the parts being takes time to make them..on the buss side of me or to play devils advocate machine shops are all ways starved for work and having that in mined with work picking up i would spread the maching work by having more then one shop to go to to make needed parts so that when work is piling up its good to get the exstra help..that would alow faster delievery time to the costumers and keep the money and parts flowing and also get the venders to compete for the work that may even reduce the cost....just a thoult

You know...I thought of that too, but I think Iknow why John doesn't do that. When you get a vendor which makes the parts to specification with little to no really can't discredit that vendor. Taking bids or job shopping would really be underhanded to the vendor who is doing a good job. With most things, I agree job shopping is a good idea, but with helicopter parts.....I doubt I would.....price isn't always the most important, quality and correctness in this aspect is the best.

I think he is doing what is best for everyone concerned. I think he sticks with the vendors he has, because of their commitment to quality and safety. This may not be the case, but I like to think it is.
I was hoping you were a bit closer. You're right about the machining of these parts.
I never had to send one piece back. If John doesn't do it himself, he finds the m ost competent company he can to make his parts. He doesn't skimp on the quality of the materials either. He's done his homework, and knows what he wants, and if he can't get what he wants he gets rid of that machinest and finds another. It's happened several times. He's relentless in his pursuit for absolute perfection of any of the parts, but especially the machined ones. This of course ends up costing more in the long run, but it's cheap insurance to have parts made by someone you trust time after time. He's always looking to. I'm sure he'd love to have a string of machinest all lined up to do the parts in a quick and orderly fashion, but for some reason, it doesn't work out that way with him. He's very picky with the details. Something else I like about John, and his company, is that if there is an issue on something, he won't wait for your check in order to send you another part or whatever the case may be, he wants you to keep up to speed on your project, and will send parts out and just invoice you later on.
If you ever decide to up and move, come on down to South Central Texas. Really nice down here except July, Aug, and Sept, then it's just plain HOT. I dream of someday getting a mess of AIRs together somewhere in the central states area, and have Mark T ramrod it for us, and just have some quality "AIR" time. Of course the little plastic helicopters are welcomed also :o )
So hang in there Gregory and the rest of you guys waiting on parts. Soon you'll be getting in more parts than you'll know what to do with, and they'll start collecting dust in a corner somewhere until needed. If John would have had any idea how popular his stable of Mosquitos were going to be, I know he would have made arrangements to get things out faster. I'm sure he's working on it anyway as we type. I guess Doug is still supplying some of the parts to. At one time he had a neat package of bracing and gussets all precut that he was offering. I took him up on that, and it saved me a ton of time.
I Have not met John but i trust him and i know he is doing the best he can to get out the thing i like is he likes to tinker in the shop and dream ..i have always liked to dream and tinker myself and would rather be in the shop then watching wifes mom past last year so we have a house in fort davis tx for sale..we could move there but my wife cant stand the heat...not crazy about IL but my mom and dad live here and need me near them..i hope i can build a few more airs one day if i ever hit the lotto but never know..

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