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Dwight Hard Landing Incident
Waiting to hear more news. Hope Dwight can come out of this with a full and quick recovery. Hurry back Dwight we need you.
Was talking w/ Dwight Friday afternoon. The hard landing must have happened on Saturday.

Dwight, like I told you, you are working too hard (although I was bugging you about the status of my XEL!!). Time to start taking the WHOLE weekend off ---- get well soon.

Ok - just talked w/ Dwight - he said he's hurting and bruised but ok. The MRI shows got two compressed disc and some broken parts of vertebra but the doc said they will heal on their and don't present a risk so no surgery is required. He scheduled for fit of a lower back brace and with any luck at all he may be able to get out tomorrow. He's overwhelmed by the support and says thanks
That's pretty much it in a nutshell Rob. Try to offer some encouraging words but it's right back to looking after business issues and analyzing the incident. You can't keep a good man down. Might have to tie him to the bed for a while. Dwight's an amazing guy.
Dwight, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Praying for a full and quick recovery, and minimal pain.

It sure is nice to see the flurry of messages of support, you must know that a lot of people care about you.
Not just for helping so many of us fulfill our dreams, but for the great guy that you are.
Hey Dwight, it's good to read : "with any luck at all he may be able to get out tomorrow."
Bon courage and good recovery !
Dwight, I had a compression fracture of T-12 back in 1993, plus some other odds and ends, from a skiing accident. It was a "pain management" recovery, with a big steel
cage to walk around in. I think things have changed now though, and the steel cage is no more. You'll probably have a back brace anyway, depending on where the compression fracture is.
It's not a fast recovery, don't let anyone fool you. You will be back up pretty soon, but
the effects will linger on for a while. You'll do fine though. Just listen to what your doctors tell you. Believe it or not, they know how to fix you.
Now, about this problem I'm having with my air.................. :o )
Rob, I have Dwight's bedside number but am reluctant to call. I am in no rush to hear what happened and am just happy he is OK. Please tell him I hope he feels better soon and that I will keep watching here for the updates. Other than that I am not planning to call but wanted him to know that I knew and am going to be quietly supportive. Please let Robin know as well. I am happy to hear he is still taking care of business. Give me a call if you get a chance. Thanks for being there for Dwight. I wish I could especially after all he and Robin have done for me and my family.
I talked with Rob after he concluded his visit. Great news that he provided. He'll be back at it in no time.

Hey Rob, let him talk about helicopters!!!

Dwight, hang in there buddy. You've got a great cast and crew to keep things going.

Dwight, considering your skill level, something really must have been wrong with the chopper you flew. I am so glad that you are ok. Get well soon.


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