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Dwight Hard Landing Incident
Being a test pilot is one of the hardest jobs in aviation! You have exponencially higher risk of some kind of failure. I think Dwight is much to valuable to run this kind of risk as often as he does.We are not as bullet proof as we once were!!
Dwight, we are with you in spirit! Please Take time to recover properly.
Bon courage et bon rétablissement à vous Dwight.

Good luck and good recovery to you Dwight.
Jean-Rémy (XE 1077 - Sud Bretagne - France)
Best wishes with recovery Dwight. keep your spirits up...Joey
Dwight, I told you are not Superman! Although you always told me after everyone of your over the top flights, "Kerry don't do what I just did" Well I am glad that you are OK! Be careful and my thoughts and prayers are with you.......Kerry
Hey Dwight, I am glad to hear that you're going to be ok. Don't push yourself too hard though, get rested up and you will be back at it before you know it.
Well just to give u guys another update, Dwight's in good spirits, what a tought SOB! That's what Junkins are, I have always thought so much of Dwight and the family but this deal just brings it home to me even more. Personal bad day, and still putting everyone else first, they just don't make them like that anymore! Im no doctor and know from a little past experience that injuries like this are no joke, BUT it could have been worse and he is gonna do just fine. John is right in that Robin will prolly have to tie him down physically so he will heal, and I will be the first one to help hog tie his stubborn a$$, and YES Dwight I can run faster than you and catch you, LOL. Heal up, take it easy, you can still be in control and over see the mosquito world, but most importantly take care of yourself all at the same time. I left the hospital to visit the rest of the guys at the factory and guess what, business is still getting done people, they got things covered. Yes Dwight being a bit slowed up from an injury will be a setback, a guy of that caliber out of the line up for any bit of time will always be a setback but when the playoffs come, the rest of the team steps up to the plate, and the bench comes off to score the winning touchdown. It was 4th and goal yesterday............Today the pigskin got into the inzone and composite FX is headed to Disney World! It will be all good here in Trenton, Dwights got a super bunch of proffesional and amazingly talented guys that will carry the load till the rockstar gets back on his feet, have no worries they got it covered. In the meantime I know the guys here are greatful for all of you guys being here, this is what we do, were all family here! Mark don't think for a second Dwight don't know your with him, he knows, we all do. Hopefully he will be home in the next few days, but Like Rob 2 said its up to the doctors at this point, and listening to them is the best option. Oh yeah, Darwin, I first walked in and didnt want to talk helicopters at all, just wanted to make sure Dwight was ok, yeah that lasted 2 minutes, you know that guys not gonna be happy unless he is talking helicopters, so ya pretty much all of the visit was helicopters and jokes, me being the jokester in all. Helicopters can bite ya, but they can also be healing....I know because I witnessed it today, pretty cool....
Yesterday I received a call from John which having emailed in the past with him, I thought something amiss for him to call me personally. I have been eagerly waiting to get down to Dwights to pick up my Mosquito he was test flying. I had emailed Dwight to ask if there was anything special I need to bring down when I get her.

That is when John started to explain that Dwight had a hard landing in my ship. I could tell John felt a little uneasy telling me, but I got the hint that my Mosquito won't be getting picked up. But my first thought was that I wanted John to tell me Dwight was ok. When he told me Dwight walked away I felt relieved for him and his family. Material things can be replaced. Lives can't .

I called Dwight after talking with John and Robbin said he was sitting up having lunch. You have all the details how he's doing so I won't rehash them. Robbin does have a daunting task in front of her trying to throttle back this guy on the mend!

I told Robin to tell Dwight I wish him a very speedy recovery. I am sure we all feel the same!

Matt Egan

Don't listen to these guys Dwight, the best remedy for fractured bones is HARD WORK!
Heal on the go!
Now, if I could only find my cane. Sad
Hey Matt! I have to commend you my friend for taking this like you are. I know it's bittersweet for you. Of course everyones main concern is the health of Dwight, and I know that's how you feel also. But you didn't show any dissappointment at all about your ship, and that really impressed me. Now, I have no doubt that your XE will be
put back in perfect condition, but to be so close to actually picking it up, then have someting go wrong, must have put your heart on your sleeve. I'm sure you're also considering that if it hadn't of been Dwight, if may have been you instead at a later date.
Since Dwight has so much experience in these helicopters, he was able to handle the incident with minimum damage to himself or your XE.
So, hang in there, and bite the bullet while we all wait for Dwight get through this, and
I'm just betting that your XE will be one of the best ones to come out of the factory.
We're all pulling for the both of you!
well said Rob

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