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Dwight Hard Landing Incident
I didn't see a LOL or anything? I would be disappointed if you are not joking around with me.

As to your answer about what happened, hitting the ground hard or "an excess descent rate" seem like sarcastic answers that do nothing to answer the question
in everyone's mind about what caused this and how to avoid it.

I would think that if the cause is known, the Mosquito community would not want a potential owner to be labeled a dirt-bag for wanting to know.

This is the hardest group of folks I have ever seen when it comes to gaining acceptance into the fraternity.

I've enjoyed participating for the last year, but I feel it's time to move-on. I guess the Mosquito is not for me.

I dont say much on this forum because there are some very sensitive people that hangout here. I am a Mosquito owner, I own a XET. I am not very skilled at conveying what I am trying to say so I just keep quiet for the most part. However I think that when there is accidents or misshaps like these this forum is not the place to discuss them because of the ambulance chasing attorneys and other related dirtbags that lurk the edges of the forum waiting for a chance to stick their nose in. Review your other posts and the response some of them brought out from the crowd. Im not surprised by what what Mark said and I doubt anyone else is either, but its no reason to move on Brian, You just need some thicker skin if your going to ask question like that. Stick around man....

I hate to see you put off.
This is a sensitive time for all of us that are good friends with Dwight.
Many of us are very protective of the Mosquito community.

The details of the incident will come out, but I feel personally that we should give it more time before pressing for details.
John did post what he knew as the first post in this thread.
I suspect Mark feels the same way and his post was his way of expressing that, "a little patience please".
I can tell you that Mark, Dwight and all the others I've met or worked indirectly with are high quality people, so I think in the long term it will be your loss if you choose to leave.

You may want to ask yourself if you really think your post was appropriate at this time.
If theres an issue that warrants a post, John will post it, but only following an engineering analysis. Should it require a safety of flight notice he'll post the information in the builders forum. It wouldnt be right for anyone of us to post our ideas or speculations, even if we know something it would be out of place and a violation of the confidence John placed in us in discussing our take on the issue. Sorry you feel the way you do, but its your choice.
Our family continues to pray for your quick recovery Dwight.
bryancobb, hey mang, sorry if you feel like you are not "in the family" here because I would not have written a response like I did for a complete stranger. Let me be blunt, yes, I was kidding and yes, there was intended sarcasm in my reply. I guess I should have put an LOL or two in there but I didn't think about it at the time. Don't sweat that you were trying to get info about the cause as I don't feel it was out of line or inappropriate at all. The real truth is that some of us know what failed on the helicopter but as Mike said, we follow an unspoken protocol here and that is that John Uptigrove or Dwight are the ones who should reserve the right to post any and all crash results. I didn't even post my father's crash results until I had an agreement from both John and Dwight. That's the way we do it here and I was just trying to make light of it in my sarcastic response. It's been a heavy week with this incident and we need a little laugh so LOL just for the record.

Please accept my apology for any ill feelings I may have caused. I respect your input here and although we don't always agree 100% on some of the academic issues, I think the banter results in a more thorough understanding of the issues by the new guys who are trying to learn from us (provided they have the patience to read through our posts). I hope you will consider hanging around here especially since you obviously have been "Mosquito bit" like the rest of us.
You're a part of the community Brian, like everyone else that likes to engage in positive banter about vertical flight to help increase our overall knowledge base.
I'll be posting on the mechanical issue that led to this incident shortly. I'll let Dwight discuss the issues surrounding the incident when he feels up to it.
Bryan, hang with us for a bit longer, then decide if you don't like what you see. I've pretty much enjoyed reading your posts, plus I don't see anything is todays posts that should make you want to leave. You're part of us and have shown it in the past. We'd miss you around here is you up and left. Then again, I guy has to do what he thinks best, so if you do take off for a bit, please keep us in mind and come back one of these days for a visit of several years, or forever. I knew Marks comment was tongue in cheek, but I know Mark other than just on the forums. He's a good friend that's been to my shop here in Uvalde,Texas, and test flew my AIR for me. Now that's trust, on both parts. I don't believe he always includes a LOL when he's messing around with someone, his style is to do what he does, which sometimes keeps us all guessing Wink
Do what you need to do, but you're welcome here anytime. If you do take off, we'll look very much forward to your return.
Well was I ever wrong!! Smile

I didn't come here a year ago as a troll or as a person looking to get attention. I came here as an obsessed helicopter pilot who was hoping to find a machine that was affordable, reliable, and relatively safe to fly.

What I found was a group of guys who seemed to be weighted toward the highly experienced, with a good representation of the low-timers too. I got out of the starting blocks kind of on the wrong foot with some stories, intended to be fun, about my experiences in aviation.

I made it very clear from the start that I was very interested and my main goal here was to evaluate the Mosquito design to make sure I wasn't getting into another Mini-500 situation. I also stated that I was closely watching how the manufacturer responded to accidents and incidents, and how timely and candidly they disseminated information, that could fix the issue or avoid the same mistake by others.

When I made the decision to move-on, I had come to the conclusion that accurate information was not ever going to be available when an accident or incident occurred, and that anyone who wanted that infomation was an enemy on the outside of the "circled wagons." This felt "Fetters-Ish" to me.

I came back this morning expecting to be smeared! Instead, I got a warm feeling that I was welcome and assurance from the designer that scientificlly accurate info on the problem is forthcoming. To Mark, John, and the others who commented, thanks. I was wrong. It is clear to me that staying away would have been my loss.


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