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Dwight Hard Landing Incident
Er; James?
Actually, the R22 is almost universally used in Australia for cattle mustering, along with almost any job you can think of. Some years ago, some persons with more time than intelligence on their hands called for an investigation into R22 safety, in the cattle mustering industry.
CASA had no choice but to oblige. No problem! Done in 10 minutes. Just divide the flying hours by the number of recorded incidents/accidents.
Verdict: the safest aircraft to EVER do this hazardous work.
No surprise to me.
what about use this kind of "freno" ?

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eduardopimentel - 6/10/2011 9:20 AM

what about use this kind of "freno" ?

Still LOTS of room for human error. The present setup works fine if the HUMANS would not ERROR.
but, include a ring in a chain of secure task, if you use only a fing to tight the bolt you can not see but with this part you can see at a glance. and dont forget use a wire to close de ring.
and i say more, any way this stop a disconnection.
Google on Poka-yoke (all sorts of examples)

Intro at:


The 300 is a very safe and reliable machine for training.
Ground resonance occurs in fully articulated helicopters, like the 300 in this picture.
If the pilot made a not so easy landing in this helicopter, and pushed his collective down as soon as the skids touched while also not maintaining 2700 RPM on the engine, he would be cruising for a bruising. If at this point the helicopter began to show signs of ground resonance, it would began to shake, becoming more and more violent if left unchecked. of course the simple fix for this would be to pull collective and get it off the ground, however if he has dropped the throttle he no longer has enough power to correct this.
I myself got into ground resonance about a month ago.... and it was no big deal because I had power, and just pulled collective.

Helicopters in my mind are the only way to fly. there is nothing more thrilling to me.
However a helicopter is not just a go-cart for your amusement. there are forces that can kill you, and if you don't take them seriously bad things can happen.
Hi Brent, thanks,
I m fixed wings pilot 380 Hs. and moving to heli. I started to get instructions in 300 and like a lot.
suddenly i saw the post above, and the number of hours that the pilots had.
yours words point to cause -> effects. This is good.
thanks again

I hope it goes well for you. while the 300 is a slower helicopter, it is perfect for training.
enjoy it!


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