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2 stroke
First of all I'd like to say Hi to everyone at this board, since I'm new here, but have some questions. Does the 2-stroke engine on the Mosquito have to be re-jetted and/or have the same problems as on the Rotax 582 that was used on the Mini-500? I really like what I've seen on this helicopter and am very interested, just concerned about engine problems that seemed to plague the -500. Thanks for your reply.

The jetting, as with all two strokes has to be adjusted to your area (ie, altitude and ambient temp) but is usually only done for summer/winter or not at all. The primary problem with the Mini 500 was its lack of power, 64 hp for a 500 lb empty weight chopper. We have 60 hp for a 298 lb empy weight chopper. The MZ202 also has some higher tech improvements such as a direct drive cooling fan with no belt, nickel ceramic cylinders (virtually eliminates cold seizure, a nagging problem with the iron sleeved Rotax engines) and we are experimenting with ceramic coated pistons right now which will greatly enhance reliability of the pistons, one of the weakest points of a two stroke.
Hi, guys.
'hope you don't mind me jumping in....
I have a well earned skepticizim of most, if not all, Rotax engines.
I was crossing the Missouri River on climb out (1989) in a AirCommand 532 Elite (gyro, w/Rotax 532)) when it decided to go quiet! First lesson in autorotation! UNDER the high power electric lines THROUGH the corn field and onto a dirt side road! Over the next two days the Rotax shut down three more times! No more Rotax motors for me! Thank you very much!
Last time up...R-22. NEXT time up...Mosquito???? Wink
Hi Bruce,
Thought I would give you my two cents. I weigh 225lbs and have not had any power problems in my XE. Climb outs can be quite aggressive. I never have used full power yet. It's just not needed. Recovery of rotor RPM can be done quite easily. Even rotor decay while makeing a left pedal turn can still be taken care of by adding additional throttle. Still haven't needed full throttle to accomplish this. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks, Cam

I think that one of the factors affecting the 582 in the Mini 500 was the operating temperature of the engine within the enclosed airframe shrouds, NOT good on a two stroke, especially at the weight of the aircraft.

The design and engineering of the Mosquito is to a higher standard than that found on the Mini 500.

The MZ engines have features (already stated) which enhance reliability without adding complexity, weight and the potential for failure.

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