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RotorFX news
Interesting news about RotorFX, anybody have the scoop on that?
What news? Do you have a link?
Hey Mark,

I think what Chris means is why it states on Mosquito's home page that "Innovatortech wishes to announce that RotorFX is no longer a distributor of the Mosquito Helicopter."

Thanks, Ricci
I don't want to get into details but I want to make sure that any new potential customers as well as existing customers are aware that they are no longer a part of our organization. New or existing customers are free to deal directly with myself until we find a new replacement (we have a couple of new prospects currently interested).

I'm glad I learned about this. RotorFX is actualy where I first learned about the Mosquito. They havent updated their information on their website yet though.

i canceled a order from them myself and never got a reply back from them or my $309 bucks....sent them another e-mail reply yet
Sorry to hear that Greg. I tried to make sure all finances were clear before pulling the pin but was unaware of your payment. Hope you get it back.
i need to correct myself the order was from composite f/x not from rotor f/x the name is all most the same and i thoult it was the same for composite f/x they did not reply two either of the e-mails i sent them..if composite f/x reads this it is order number # 1076 placed 3/11/ sorry for the boo boo rotor f/x
Greg, If your clarifying that you cancelled the order with composite fx and not rotor fx than that was with the main company in Trenton. Dwight is real good about answering e-mails, you sure you sent it to the right address and if you did try giving Dwight a call, he's a busy guy but ALWAYS gets back to ya, not the type to blow anyone off. I do know he just got a brand new phone yesterday because I was there talking to him and he left to go pick it up, called him later in the day and he picked up. Try him again........
yes i canceled the order..the e-mails were sent by replying to the receipt but mabe he did not get them using are correct he is very good about replying and i would buy from him again in a heart beat..i will give him a call this week would not be the first time using e-mail got lost in ciberspace lol...i have bought a few things from composite f/x and he has been great and the order shipped very fast..

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