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Medical Certificate
Finally collected the last bit of information request by the FAA for a Class III Medical Certificate.  After I make copies of everything, I will shoot if off and hope for the best.

My question, however, is this:  To receive the $2k discount on the last stage of a kit, one must have at least 10 hours training and a solo sign off.  One must possess a Class III medical to solo.  So... How can one receive a discount without having a Class III Medical Certificate??
I don't recall it saying you needed a solo sign off.... this is the statement I found:

"10 hours of dual training with a certified instructor in order to receive the $2000 discount"

Correct. 10 hrs. No solo required for the 2k discount.
10 hour dual is required for the discount but a solo signoff is Strongly recommended.

Cool.. Thanks everyone.  I do see the following on the Composite FX website.

To encourage safety, we offer a $2000 discount off the price of a kit or factory finished aircraft with proof of adequate training to solo a conventional helicopter. (Pilot, rotorcraft certificate, or Student License signed off for solo in log book.)

Does this mean your logbook should reflect your readiness to solo, or a solo sign off in the log book?
Kinda confusing, to me anyhow.   

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