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Australian Registration
I'm currently waiting for CASA to get back to me with the details, about Australian registration.
Licencing was simple, They state, you have to hold a Private Helicopter Licence, in Australia to operate any rotary wing aircraft.
It appears at this stage, the Mosquito would have to be registered as an experimental aircraft in the General Aviation register. Recreational Aviation Australia are not in a possition to support, or take on the role of Administrator at this stage. RAA are busy trying to get our Ultralight weights increased from 544kg to 750kg. So we can cater for the dying GA comunity in Australia.
I will keep people posted as to how the Authorities in Australia are going, with my questions and concerns with registration and licencing. Bob.
The Authorities have spoken. The Mosquito can be registered as experimental or can be registered with SAAA (Sporting Aircraft Association Australia) Under Advisory Circular:
AC21.4(2) Sept 2000, Amateur built experimental aircraft certification.
With the 51% rule applying in Australia. This should see the Mosquito registered with the SAAA which gives greater flexability to the operator. In Australia its a bit funny.

CASA look after Civil and General aviation.

Gliding Federation of Australia, look after gliders but are incorporated into the HGFA.
Hang Gliding Federation of Australia. look after Paragliders, hang gliders, microlights and gliders.
RAA. Recreation Aviation Australia, look after Ultralights, experimental aircraft and Microlights, and so does the Sporting Aircraft Association of Austarlia.

Are you confused yet. We are, we get paperwork from every organisation basically. To change any simple detail, in relation to your aircraft or Licence, you can hear the old growth forests crying at the wasted paper.

I personally love it. The challenge of Seeing a registered flying Mosquito, in Australia has not been hit on the head, nor dampened in anyway by the Authorities. They have given me much support and guidence.

My only concern with the Mosquito, was the posibility of not being able, to get registration in Australia.

I better get my money together, now that all aspects of the Mosquito have been looked at..
We thought we had it bad in the US.

Congratulations......hopefully, it won't be long till you are tooling around in your new Mosquito.
Hey Bob,
Good info there. It's expensive to get a private license ( about 25k) but I'm still hooked.
So it can be registered with CASA as experimental or with SAAA.

Did you order a mosquito yet ?

It has to be registered with CASA in Australia as experimental
I understand that once it's registered with CASA you are required to obtain an Australian Certificate of Airworthiness in order to operate it.

Has anyone been through this process in Australia with the Mosquito ?

I have spoken to CASA on this subject and they confirm that the minimum licence level will be a Heli PPL.
This is totally appropriate. No-one should dream of teaching themselves to fly ANYTHING least of all a helicopter.

Sorry I havn't gotten back to you sooner but I think the airworthiness, has to be done during the building process, before Experimental registration can be granted. EG all paperwork has to be filled out and checked along with the aircraft before Registration can be granted, I may be wrong. I will look into it. I personaly havn't ordered a Mosquito yet, I was hoping to do so before Christmas this year, with work and Family commitments, it is looking like Mid next year Unfortunately. I could sell my Aircraft, but I wish to keep flying whilst building, instead of being grounded while I build.

Outback Bob.
Hi guys. New to Forums. What is the latest with registering VH- vs. RAA and the regs?

Hi Mike. Welcome to the forums!

Yes this is a better place to have discussions. We just get so much feedback from other builder/fliers.
I seem to be the only one to have registered a Mosquito in Australia so far.
Yes you need a PPL(H) to fly it. And it will be registered Experimental. Which means that you cannot use it for Hire or Reward.
Mine is so registered, VH-XER. I did not deal with RAAus or SAAA, neither of whom have any knowledge, or interest in helicopters. However, the gyro guys may be amenable on this matter. I'll keep you all posted on that one.
My aircraft was registered by Steve Dines, who is Approved Person for registration with CASA. Also, an old friend, helicopter pilot, and even an ex-student of mine. A long time ago.
Rob Hall

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