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Australian Registration
Thanks Rob. Appreciate the update. Just gotta sell my school on the idea Smile
Rob I'm certainly interested in XEL certification in Australia. Like the other Sports Association it would require enough interested people to form an association to advocate a XE and XEL / Light Sports category similar to the Rotor Assn. I guess only then can anything develop in certification and licensing similar to FAA status quo in the US. A long haul but probably worth it.
Figured it may be beneficial to get a tally of interested people here in Australia.
I'm just South East of Melbourne.
Also be good to see how many are actually here or in the process.
Best wishes
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-
Hi mark.
As far as I know, I am still the only Mosquito XE flier/builder in Australia, but I live in hopes!
Rob Hall
Hi Mark,
I've been in the XE3 queue for about 12 months now. I'm just south of Newcastle, NSW.
Hey guys.
We should get together some time.
Logically, that would be at my base aerodrome, Caloundra, North of Brisbane. Then you can actually see a one flying! Can you have a fly? Bring your credit card!
Rob Hall
This my VH-XER

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