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mosquito in western michigan
Are there any Mosquito pilots in Western Michigan? In the near future I am thinking about purchasing one. Looks like a great way to go. Let me know. Thank you Norm
Doug Keith, Mosquito Owner MXE 1025, Lansing, Michigan --
Come on down.
I am also looking at getting a Mosquito XE3, and know that Doug Keith is close to me. I would love to go look at his ship and see what it is all about. Smile
I have a XET, I am in Mio, Michigan.
(08-31-2011, 05:18 PM)Dkeith Wrote: Come on down.

Doug, I found this thread and was wondering if are you still located in the Lansing area?  I would love to see a Mosquito in person as I've been looking into them.


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