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Awesome video !
Don't worry guys, the CH-7 is able to do very good autorotations, same and  like the Mosquito, no problem.
And they don't need to do video, you can try autorotation when you want with the CH-7, here in Europe...

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Mark, I totally agree with your comments about the web site. I think it works great as it is (for me anyway.) Blair does a great job. Now back to the subject of the thread. I enjoyed the video for the entertainment of it and the beauty of the scenery. Now, guys, I probably wouldn't have wanted to be riding with the guy during some of his shenanigans anymore than you would, but it sure looks like he has a great place to fly! (Almost as good as God's Country here in Indiana (:-) )
UH-60Pilot - 2/13/2013 6:07 AM

Here is a video of one of the early CH7 crashing. This looks to be an autorotation profile approach but it may just be a late pullout from a powered dive. I don't know for sure but the title does explain a bad auto:

I have not seen any experimental helicopters autorotate but that doesn't mean they won't do it. I find it hard to believe that none of them autorotate well except for the Mosquito but we seem to be the only helicopter that has publicly demonstrated that capability. John Snyder and myself are the only people I know of who have consistently done full down autorotations while at airshows or flyins. I don't know why the pilots of other brands have not done at least one autorotation and video taped it because you would think it would be one of the main things you would want to show prospective customers. Everyone asks how well a machine autos. It's one of the main questions.

I am scratching my head at the negative comment about the Mosquito website. I think it's pretty user friendly and very professional looking and I am very thankful that Blair has been here for us for so many years now. I also think that Dwight and John are very busy people doing what they each do best and that is obviously not making marketing videos for the Mosquito. I think some of us may have to get something together at some point to help them out but I think sales are doing just fine with nothing more than this website. Now that's an amazing product!


Yeah, that's the only one I found too and for the life of me I can't figure out what he was trying to do or didn't do. For what it is the CH-7 is ridiculously priced IMMHO. That's why I'm looking at the Mosquito. Maybe when I get a little further along in the process you could give an old Army guy some dual in a 300. Been a long time since I flew a piston helicopter 1987 !
There are video's out there of others kit manufactuer's doing auto's just not many, never seen one of the CH-7. Like Mark said you would think this would be the first thing to demonstate to real potential customers. At Mosquito I think we have that covered. I think anyone at the factory has seen Dwight do them including a few full downs like John and Mark. Full down vs power recovery a entirely different subject im not going to get into. I have never done a full down in the XE series only because only way I'm doing a fulldown is if I own it, not a doing a full down in someone else's machine, John and Mark were doing these in the own birds. You break it you bought it get expensive with helicopter's. I have however done the only two Full Downs that I know of in an XET. for you guys that know how the xet works I dont need to explain that rolling off the throttle isnt exactly normal like most helicopter's and why you have never seen one do a regular auto or a hovering auto. Both my Full Down's were self induced, meaning nothing mechanical the helicopter did was the cause, rather me missing something I shouldnt have. First instance was not lock tighting a very important nut on a fuel controller and second one was pilot induced fuel shut off in flight, a dumb move on my part but both instances were non events and ended in zero speed touch downs. Second one I have on tape and ended up being a pretty cool video. Only reason I mention it was in the past some had wondered if an XET would really do a full down auto. Not only will they do them but they do them very well.

Regis.......... for the guys that can't get to Europe anytime soon, how about an AUTO in a CH-7. I'm always a Mosquito fan first but ultimately a Helicopter fan, we'd all like to see it
Mark, do you think that CH-7 could have been in a state of low rotor rpm which might explain why when he tried to flare that he had no lift left? I don't know though, the whole video is strange, it doesn't look like he's in the right profile to me for an auto, and personally I can't see much coning at all on the blades at any time before he impacts the ground. Maybe he was hovering or at a low airspeed when he had a problem and had to dive for airspeed? But I don't know if it was a real auto or just one for practice. It's just strange.
Bien sur c'est moins spectaculaire mais ça à été fait par des stagiaires lors de l'expérimentation pour la validation de la classe 6 "hélico ultra léger" en France. Wink à partir de 2:35

Although this is less spectacular but it was made by trainees during the experiment for the validation of Class 6 "ultralight helicopter" in France. Wink from 2:35
Jean-Rémy (XE 1077 - Sud Bretagne - France)
Ill give the CH-7 one thing, that thing is robust. That's one hell of an impact in that video and the dude in the video while injured did survive

Went back and watched the video again, first time i watched it all the way through to see the second camera angle which even more clearly shows this wasn't a normal auto rotation attitude, weird video. Like I said earlier though glad the dude was able to limp away from it.
Hey everyone. being that I'm new to this forum I hope you don't mind if I chime in but here is a video a a Cicare CH-7B doind a power recovery auto.

And a little side not if you are serious about getting a more professional video done I may know just the guy. His name is Seth Zaluski and he is a part time film maker / full time heli pilot who started his own film company called Spectrum Innovations. he is based in Florida and would be more than willing to help out as would I. here is a sample of something he did for a friend at the 24 hour race in Daytona.
The boys toys crew I thought did a great job for the small crew they had, but I mean Kerry was the director, so I'm not sure how it didn't win a Grammy, LOL. I'm pretty sure they will be back to shoot the 2 place when it is done since they kinda debuted it to the world in video. I know they were not a huge network production but I actually thought there video was better than what Discovery did in my opinion.

To Ed on this thread ( hey it rhymed..sort of ) Thanks for info on local film maker, that could come in handy for the future and looks like he does good work. I've been to that 24 hours at Daytona several times, fun event. When you start the video out with painted hot women, I say he deserves a shot.
rsm - 2/14/2013 10:00 PM...There are video's out there of others kit manufactuer's doing auto's just not many,...

Let's start a thread of U-tube videos of autos, TO THE GROUND. Only post KIT or HOMBUILT helicopters. It can be cockpit video or from the ground, but NO power recoveries. It can be hovering autos or from altitude.

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