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Unless your rules are different from US FAR's, no such thing as a type rating on ANY Experimental Amateur Built aircraft. Some US guys are legally flying their XE's and XE3's with just a Private Fixed Wing SEL license. Not for sure on this? BryanCobb had posted this. If I read this right only a Private Pilot rating is needed for the mosquito. Please help me understand this, anybody??????????
Technically Bryan is right, if you read the regs since it's experimental NO TYPE CATEGORY Certficate is needed to fly it. So if you are private fixedwing, meaning you have a private liscence in the fixed wing category you can legally fly a EXPERIMENTAL HELO . MY SUGGESTION is if your not rated in helicopters go get your private Rotorwing, you will be worlds ahead when it comes to performance and most importantly Saftey. Keep in mind alot of FAA people if you ask them this rule have no clue, because I have asked FAA people on this rule. I've heard yes and no to this answer.
++1 on RSM.

Get the training if you want to be safe! Who cares if you get the ticket, but the training needed for the ticket is important. Yes there are some that have taught themself to fly successfully and saved some bucks. No it's not very wise.

I would willing to speculate that a self-taught helicopter is at least 3x as likely to get injured or damage their ship as a pilot with the proper training. No scientific proof of this, just how I feel.
Could be wrong but I think it only applies to a single seat Experimental. I believe if it a Rotorway or Safari (any two seater) you need the rotorcraft rating. Same when the two seat Mosquito comes out.

The bottom line guys, any Mosquito is a helicopter and must be treated as such. Training is so important for not only successfully flying but staying alive.

from memory, basically if you are flying something in which you can haul a passenger you'll need a rating
One passenger, two passenger, 100 passengers,.....................just get the rating!
marcher07 - 12/27/2011 3:31 PM

from memory, basically if you are flying something in which you can haul a passenger you'll need a rating

Actually, I think that only if your carrying a passenger in the experimental do you need a type rating. Anyway, I'm only a ASEL pilot, and I fly my XE3 around some very busy airspace.
Sorry about my spelling of rating,duh. oh well. I have been uderstanding that the xe is ultra light legal, which means no license is needed to fly. With that being said when you move up to a xe model you are required to have a license to fly, and I have been told that if you get your sign off solo, which is all you can fly than you are good to go. If you put pontoons on the xe it is now legal because they give you 60 more lbs. to be ultra light legal, in what the xe will be two lbs. under. Now when we talk about the xet, from what I have been told a rating is needed. This is why I asked the question. I am a student pilot and am flying a light sport. Not for sure if I can just get Light-Sport Rating and then get a sign off for rotor wing. The real question is do I even have to mess with that and just sell the light sport and buiy a xet and all I have to have is a solo sign off for rotr wing???????????????????????????????????????????????????? :o :o :o :o

IF....and that's a big "if," an instructor is willing to give you a manilla Student Pilot Certificate with a 90-day endorsement on back to fly a turbine powered XET, re-endorse the back every 90 days, you're legal to fly one.

Otherwise, you need a private fixed wing license. A Sport Rating is NOT adequate.
do you need your Private Pilot rating befor you order your kit or can you get it started .. order your kit and finish it befor u fly..?

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