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2011 Factory Fly-n Pictures
Hi All,
The 2011 Fly-N went off with out a hitch. The weather was gorgeous with no rain. As usual Dwight and the Junkins were the perfect hosts. In attendence were Paul, Casey, and Max Grieshaber, Rick Dunham, Chip and Allison, Bob and Patience Mason, Russel and his son, Max from Michigan, Emily from North Carolina, and Jessica and myself (Cam Habeger). Adam Junkin and his wife Jessica cooked up a great BBQ. There was some flying and loads of fun.
O.K. maybe we didn't have the official fly-n without you. I'm just messing around. We did have a small get together with the folks above and a great BBQ. I did drag my bird down from Minnesota to have some fun it the Florida sun. We took a few pics. I'll see if I can attach them.

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PBR:  I met you v. briefly in Trenton OCT '10 (BBQ in Newbury). Glad to see you back in the air in a helicopter again!

Is that Rick Dunham, the ventriloquist of Rotorway fame?? Is he a Mosquito convert now??


You're thinking of Jeff Dunham Andy, but you had me going for a split second lol.
Cam I'm assuming this was after ur cruise, wish I had known y'all were getting together I would have drove back.
Hi Rob,
Yep. I thought you were driving back. I spoke with Adam and he mentioned that you might be stopping by. I should be back to the factory around the March timeframe. I'm heading to Alabama again to see Mark Peterson. See you then. We can have a PBR :-)
LOL No worries see you in the spring

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