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Helicopter flight training through a Mosquito dealer
I am now working as a certified helicopter flight instructor at an airport near where I live here in Austin, TX. We fly Enstrom helicopters and offer the helicopter with instructor at $395 per hour or $355 per hour when scheduled in 10 hour blocks. I would like to offer a discount on flight instruction to anyone who orders their Mosquito through me. I will give you my flight instruction for free for the first ten hours so you pay either $345 for the hourly rate or $310 hourly if you buy in blocks of ten hours. The real advantage here is that you will be receiving your instruction from an instructor who has experience flying all five versions of the Mosquito and will be teaching you with the added input of information that is particular to the Mosquito. This is an ideal training situation for those who are buying an ultralight (Mosquito Air or XEL) or for those who have a Private Airplane Pilot’s certificate or a Light Sport Category Certificate and are buying an Experimental (Mosquito XE, XE3 or XET).

Another thing to consider with flight training is that most schools are not going to understand why you only want ten hours as they usually have a private pilot (or higher certification) curriculum of at least 40 hours that they want to sell. When you tell them you are getting a homebuilt helicopter and don’t need a license they usually start in with dishing out the grief and telling you that you are crazy. The truth of the matter is that if you are buying a Mosquito (or any other homebuilt helicopter) then you are crazy… crazy about helicopters and see this for what it is and that’s a way for you to fulfill a lifelong dream at an affordable price.

I’m sure most people will realize that after ten hours they should get a few more hours. Flying helicopters can be very safe but proper flight training and enough repetitious exposure and experience is what will really make the difference.

If you have any questions you may find my Mosquito dealership contact information at this link:

For information about the flight school where I teach go to this link:
Mr Thompson is correct. I too am a R-CFI. His advice is golden. When a pilot takes a checkride, they should accept that piece of paper like the one before it as a certificate to learn. Every single 100 hrs or rating that goes under my belt - the though crosses the mind. Wow.... I did not know how much I didn't know 100 hrs ago or the last rating ago.... If you are going to fly a helicopter, please strive to complete at a minimum your private rotor ticket. Lots of people take 50-60 hrs instead of just 40 to complete their license. I know it's expensive but please don't stop at 10 hrs with an instructor. Strive to be as professional and as good as you can be. Fly like an old man and you'll live to be one.
Brian Wallis

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