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Maintenance in New Zealand
I have been trying to get a definitive answer regarding maintenance of ultralight helicopters here in NZ.
From what I understand is....if registered as a home built GA type maintenance can be done by the builder.
From SAC exposition...Ultralight aircraft (please note aircraft not airplane) can be self maintained until a section which just happens to be in the training section...ALL ultralight helicopters are class 2 AND must be maintained by LAME or qualified person.
So the question is....
Can I self maintain a home built microlight helicopter?
Can I self maintain a factory built microlight helicopter (or used ready built)?
If this has been asked before then I apologise but could not find anything with the search.


Dennis - Give Blair Holland a call - he should be able to answer your questions
North Shore Airfield
New Zealand
Cell +64 (0)21 299 4122
Thanks Marcher07,
I have tried Blair several times via phone and email but no reply! Sad Similar with SAC of NZ of which I am a member!
Hoping to prompt a reply from a Kiwi builder/owner.
Thanks anyway.
Hi Dennis, I have sent you a PM.

Call me on 0212994122

Thanks for prompt call Blair.
Now where did I put my wallet :o

The answer to both of your questions is yes.

I did all the maintenance on two Mosquito helicopters, a class 1 homebuilt gyro and a class 2 factory built gyro myself.

The SAC rules are a bit confusing. Just remember that class 1 means single seat and class 2 means 2 seat. Class 1 microlights do not require logbooks except for class 1 microlight helicopters which in this respect are treated as class 2. That is why I have a passenger warning sticker in my Mosquito.


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