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Mosquito in Europe
Hello to all,
I've caught somewhere in the forum, someone was trying to get Mosquito to Europe (some guy from Denmark).
I see it as a big problem. First of all shipping might be very expensive and a tax as well.
Is anyone here, who has Mosquito in Europe, please ?
I would want very kindly ask for help and advise.
Thanks so much.
with you all (...hopefully flying with you in the future)
Check out the builders gallery. There are a couple in France.
You can very easily get your Mosquito without any difficulty by ordering it at Mosquito France (
Where you are from?

thanks Scott and Mike.
i'm from slovakia (former more east part of communist czechoslovakia);
...found an address of distributor in the czech rep., but there's much more details on french web site (including price);
let's see, how i'll end up with my dreams buying mosquito (most likely AIR as this might be much more simple for authorities to accept it, no any licence might be needed,...)
hopefully i'll be showing up on this forum.
you will like the air its a lot of fun to build mine is all most built..

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