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Power to Weight Ratio XEL
Figuring power to weight ratio's for the R22 + solo pilot @160 lbs I get .129 HP/ Pound
The XEL's power to weigh ratio with a solo pilot @160 lbs I get .136HP/ Pound
Slightly helthier than the R22,it should be very responsive. .007 Greater
Power / Pound

The R22's engine is over rated and leaves plenty of reserve power so the Mosquito is better than equal, for a 160 lb pilot load.

The XEL's ratio goes down with pilot weight
I am under 160 lbs, but not sure how much.

Great Job John!
See that younlike the Unimat lathe---are you builder?
Wayne, souldn’t disc loading also be considered in the efficiencies calculations
Here is a little fun i had with beer math a long time ago. It shows just how efficient this little thing is.
Rule -Of- Thumb for H E l i C O P T E R S.... 10HP required for every 100# of takeoff weight.

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