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Question: what is the volume of the floats on an XEL? Or more precisely: what is the displacement volume of ONE float if it is totally submerged? If no one calculated this up to now: what's the length and the diameter of a float (as an approximation). I am trying to determine if a recent thought I had is as brilliant as it seemed at the time.

The floats on the XEL are 9 feet long, and are 48 and three quarter inches in diameter.
Hope this helpes.

Later leo...
MXEL 1082 80 hours...
4 feet in diameter? That puts them even with the top horizontal rib behind the seat.

I would believe 48 inches in circumference might be closer (which makes them about 15" in diameter). Smile

You are right, that is the circumference measurement. Thank you for pointing that out. I guess i should stick to flying.

Later leo....
Speaking of floats ...

As I've yet to get to personally insptect an XE class Mosquito and as we have a good deal of lakes and ponds in the area, an XE with floats is not out of the question but I have a few regarding XE floats.

.1. What are they made of?
.2. How easy or not are they to install.
.3. If a waterproof fabric, how easy are they to paint?
.4. Storage when not installed on the helicopter?
.5. Any good, clear, close up photos available?

The primary function of the floats is to enable the XEL to qualify as an ultralight. They're not to be used for water landings. An ultralight with floats has a higher gross allowable weight than an ultralight without floats. The XEL weighs (without floats) more than the 254 pound limit, but is under the limit for an ultralight with floats, when it is so equipped.

Putting them on an XE for water landings is strongly not recommended.

Order the color you want, you don't paint them. Painting the floats adds weight, and it's a tight fit for weight as it is.

Removing them from the XEL makes the XEL overweight for the ultralight limit of 254 pounds without floats, therefore, removing them would make the XEL illegal to fly without an airworthiness certificate, an N number, and a pilot's license.

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