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Full kit verses buying in stages
Total for the XE kit is $32,000 with the training discount. Total for the 5 stages is $34,500, am I adding wrong, is this a typo or does it cost more to buy in stages? Thanks for any info.
I just sent John an Email on pricing.  It doesn't look right to me either.
Thanks Doug, I look forward to his reply.
The 32K pricing includes the training discount as you note. The pricing for the individual sub kits is the standard pricing for each of the kits not including the training discount. If purchased this way the training discount is taken off of the last subkit purchased. The $500 is the extra amount for purchasing the kit in subkits due to the extra effort of packaging and shipping each of the subkits separately. Also our way in the marketing world of nudging you to purchase the kit as a whole if possible.
Thanks for the prompt answer John!
know I just bout a mosquito air kit suppost to be kit one and two done ! I need a little hand on the rest of the kits, were i can buy it , and who do i talk to to order this !


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