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Helisat flight training experince.
Hi All,
I wanted to post my experience at the Helisat school in Moscow Mills, Mo. Their basic orentation course cost around $3800 with books.
1) Schweizer Model 300 helicopter is in pristine condition, clean and well maintained. Flys like a dream. The facilities are very clean and nice to be at.

2) Bill Hopper is without a doubt the best instructor I have ever had in any subject, skill, or craft. He is a AP mechanic as well as CFI. His shop performs everything including major overhauls and crash repairs. All the staff is on the ball and very helpful and accommodating.

3) The ground school is very extensive. I went to get flight time, but the ground school proved to be the most valuable part. All the flight time in the world can't protect you from what you don't know and understand. Many of my preconceived notions were dead wrong and would have gone unchallenged up to where reality of the ground and my XEL would meet. His classes have a professionally laid out sylibus, wel presented and invaluable. Theare are many training aids and videos as well. This is not just a guy with a garage and a helicopter.

4) Flight training was intense and exhausting. The "Grip of Death" on the cyclic really wears you out! Bill is very patient and will let you make the mistakes you need to without grabbing controls unless you are in trouble. The focus is on hover, takeoff, landings, autos, not just hours of flying straight and level. He trained me like he had 10 hours to save my life, not just obligated to burning 10 hours of fuel ;-)

Two weeks later I got my XEL in Trenton and was able to fly it safely and in control. Of course I still have volumes to learn and years of experince to go, but Helisat gave me a good start. Smile Smile Smile Smile
Thanks for listening!

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