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Flew over to a friend house early today, landed on his pad and scattered all the kids toys.
Returned to home base and friend shot my arrival. You can see my problem with the sand,
It gets into everything.
OK, can't upload a 30 second video. Same thing, another day.
Thanks Will. I have been fighting errosion all along. John provided me with
annodized sprockets which have helped greatly. Now, if I could only find a half off coupon
for doors...........
Does a great job of cleaning the taxiway though. Is there a market for using the Mosquito as a leaf blower?
Great stuff Will... love the look and sound of the 301. You're making me hungry!
Don't know about a market for a large leaf blower, but if there is, I'm going to make a fortune. Every time I fly, I must use a shop vac inside. It doesn't help that its a 2-stroke, as the sand sticks to the engine if I don't keep it squeaky clean. Air filters require constant attention.
However, I'm having a blast, looking down at mear mortals on their stupid little ground machines. Wink
Skeeter, what do the leading edge of your blades look like? I'm currently on a clean ramp in southeast Florida but I was based in South Georgia for a while and during summer it would get quite dusty. Nothing like El Paso but my leading edge blades got worn fairly easily and it took for ever to buff out. Are you running any kind of leading edge tape?
Yes, I use 3M leadind edge tape. Get the 2 inch stuff from Aircraft Spruce, the thinner material. Be sure to use the proper application fluid and taper flair the ends so air can't get underneath. I end up replacing it about every 15 hours or so. My leading edges Look terrible without the tape. I have been looking at stainless steel tape for possible testing.
It is a problem for all helicopters, and watching the video i can say this... while it is a good idea to be in a IGE hover taxi, if you increase your height above the ground to a rotor diameter or slightly higher you will find a big difference with the sand or grass clippings or leafs being kicked up and recirculated in the rotor .

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