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Yep, I only get 6 lbs of sand per hour oge, 7 in Sad
dang, lol
yeah i was aware it effects all helicopters....Im sure Skeeter is aware too
Yeah keep us updated on the new tape, I thought of that too its just now my helo is like the smoothest its ever been I hate to mess with blade balance even if its ever so slight
wondering what's worse. single digit temps or sand. I think i'll take the sand. Hey, skeeter, wanna move up north? I can't wait to get to warm weather.
I was feeding my horses last night and have a thermometer in my feed room. It was 28dg. Now, my body starts to shut down below 70, so no, I don't want to move up north. I can ride and fly all year here, but Damn the sand!
I live in Ohio. Forecast for Wednesday: High 23, Low -2. Minus two. I think I won't fly that day. I hate winter, but at least it kills most of the bugs.
Do you really have to change the tape every 15 hours? How long does it take to remove and install the tape?
Replacing the tape is a 1 beer job. Perhaps 30 minutes. Cleaning to remove any glue taking the most time.
What is your experience with added wear on parts due to sand? I live in Southern California and I am currently investigating what it would be like here for a Mosquito owner. I am located in an unincorporated area of Orange County and I am hoping there is a chance that regulations here would allow for me to take off and land on my property (so far no luck in finding an answer) but if it was not the other option would be to do tours in the desert or Cleveland National Forest which tends to be rather arid as well. Not sure if I would open myself up to a proper mess?

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