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Well, your erosion on the secondary moving parts will considerable if you hover IGE in very sandy conditions. I replaced both sprockets at about 75 hours. The new ones are anodized, and are showing much lower wear. I would rather number 3 be made of steel, but as of the middle of last year wasn't available. I currently have my Mosquito apart awaiting the shipment of the new 285. A good opportunity to make some changes to a few things. I recently purchased a small horse farm outside El Paso, and will be putting a helipad in the front yard. Thinking about sprinklers to dampen the area before use. These little helicopters are worse than cocaine. Sad
Ok, so special attention needs to be paid to increased costs and potential mechanical issues in these scenarios. Thank you very much for the heads up! Worse than cocaine in how addictive they are or how much the hobby costs (or how much "powder" they "snort" into their system) or all of the above? Haha!
I'm in a similar situation as CT, but the other side of some mountains in Riverside county at Lake Elsinore.

Interested in hearing about the Maintenance that a dusty environment might cause and any things can be done to improve the situation.

A very thin nickel leading edge tape sounds like a good idea but I wonder how well it will stay put and how it might effect the rotor dynamics.

What does the rotor blade construction look like? Is it an aluminum skin over spar and ribs?

I wonder if it could be anodized.
The cost is very reasonable, try flying any other helicopter at anywhere near the same.
When you need a spare part, it's available and reasonably priced.
Don't know the exact conditions where your at, but I'll bet it isn't anywhere near as sandy as here.
The Mosquito XE is addictive! I'm surprised the fed hasn't declared them a narcotic and put them on the scheduled drug list!
Thank you Skeeter, this is encouraging!
I understand they use helis to dry cherries and drag strips...I have a drag strip 1/2 mile away from my house...I should offer to do it for fun ;-)

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