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Hello everyone!

Wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Name is Shawn from League City, Texas. I'm a Computer engineer by trade and for the last 20 years been building and flying R/C planes and helicopters. I'm a "very long" time student pilot in Fixed wing aircraft, with about 60 hours of time over the course of life. Yea, I know I should be a pilot by now ( Life always finds a way to get in the way) Sad , lord knows I spent enough trying to get there. I'm ready to go at it again, though for my helicopter rating.
Anyway, I also have and 1 hour of helo time in a Hughes 269. To be honest, of all the flying I have done this 1 hour is the most memorable and most fun experience I have ever had! So, while recently surfing the web I came across the Mosquito. Wow! this is so cool.... For the amount of money I have invested in R/C aircraft (1-3k each) I could have owned one of these already. So, I have watched videos, read forums, and this seems like a very affordable option for someone who wants a personnel helicopter they can fly, maintain, transport, and store. I'm interested in the XE3. For cost reasons and availability. Turbine would be awesome, but not within my reach I don't think. So, here comes the one question on my mind I have to ask.
I have not flown in about 6 years and all my knowledge is rusty. Based on the specs of the XE3 -- Useful payload is 290lbs. Is that with or with out fuel? I'm guessing without, and hoping with. Reason is I'm not a small guy. I'm about 6'2" and at the moment too heavy @ 290ish, even for a R-22. I will get down to at least 250 or more I hope, but I have to consider reasonable ability to do so. If at 240-250 is this a viable option for me? Or am I just dreaming again? Then in the heli world, if your weight is right at the cusp of the rated limits, am I asking for trouble in the machines ability to fly well?

I would love to obtain this craft and build it. Seems like a logical step from building R/C planes and helo's, but I'm concerned about my weight to performance. If this option is no good, then this dream is just that.

Hey I would look into the air just because of your size. I am 6' 212 and I own a turbine and let me tell you it is tight. My seat is in the lowest position and my helmet clears by about an inch. But I know there is some taller guys that have had good luck with the air. I'm not sure how the swift dimensions work out. Hope this is helpful too you. Good luck.

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