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Hi Mark, after the longest gestation period my baby finally arrived last week, I am located north side of Brisbane . Work begins!!!!
Hi Mark and JimV.
I am in Caloundra. We should meet!
Rob Hall
(Rob1 on the forum)
Even Rob, Mark and Jim

I've just returned for a few years in Fiji and the South Pacific on duty. I purchased my Mosquito in 2008 but held off on delivery until I returned to Australia. I don't know how long I have to wait until mine is ready but I hope to go to the factory and build it there, then disassemble it and send it home to Australia. I'll keep good records for CASA/SAAA and I'll make sure I'll do more than than the 51% requirement.

Also I've purchased 20 acres near you (Medale) especially so that I can fly from there and there is already a hanger on site. It is rented out at the moment until the aircraft is ready. I'll be happy to invite you all around (and anyone else) when I get there .

Take it easy

I cant find Medale on Google Map. What state?
Hey Rob - It's in Queensland between Caboolture and Caloundra. Meldale - postcode 4510
Great news. When are coming home?

I'm back here already. Working out at Brisbane International Airport.

Hey Guys
Don't forget this Aussie might be away but my hearts always there .And one day my helicopter too no doubt! i will be keeping it in the states for now until i want to return then like you Peter i will bring it in also hopefully with 51% build Assist collect well get handover of mine around first week in October i will be in Florida for almost a month from 15 September incl Flight training i have transferred across from LA and also from R22 to Schweitzer 300 (Tomlinson Aviation-Ormond Beach/ Staying at Daytona Beach).
Hi Rob hope you get your bird going again soon mate!
I will most likely move to the Sunshine Coast again too when i return i lived in Mooloolaba for a few year when i was working as Correctional Officer at Woodford.


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