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Training Time

I have my helo ticket with 38 hours of total helo time and about 5000 hours of fixed wing time in everything from Cubs to jets. What is a realistic amount of training time before someone straps this thing on for the first time. Also, I will be working on my comm/instr this winter so by the time it is done, I will probably have 150 hours total helo.

Thanks in advance!


Most will agree that if you can comfortably and confidently solo a Schweizer 300 or Robinson R22 you will likely have no problem with the Mosquito. It behaves a bit more like the Schweizer especially in autorotation and is much less twitchy than a Robinson. People have the idea that since the Mosquito is so light and small that it must be very unstable when quite the opposite is actually the case. A Mosquito helicopter is actually quite stable. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss.


John Snider
Personal Rotorcraft LLC
how recent is your rotor time? That's the key. I think you will be alright just take your time. Ain't no dual in a skeeter. And then...welcome to the club.
I licensed in May but will back under a rotor way before I even start the build. Having flown a lot of airplanes, flying a helo is sooo much more fun!

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