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MGL V10 Utilities
I use a USB to serial converter and MGL's Windows app to manage channels in the V10, VHF1.exe.
It's ok, but the interface for editing the channels is kind of slow, I always prefer editing a text file.

I wrote a couple of apps to help.
One converts the dat file saved by VHF1.exe to a csv text file.
You can then use your favorite text editor to edit the channels.
The second utility converts the edited csv file back to a dat file.

You can then load the new dat file with VHF1.exe and send it to your radio.

If anyone is interested I'll get them to you.
It's bigger than 100k so I can't attach it to a post.
Maybe Blair can post it on the web site some where.
Here's a link to our ftp site:

The file has the utilities in it.
Here's link to Amazon for the USB to serial converter I'm using.

Works with Windows XP and 7 with the MGL VHF1.exe app.

Just have to wire up a DB9 on the serial 1 port on the V10.

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