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MGL V10 Helicopter Stick Remote
See preliminary manual attached.

I have this working in my helicopter.
Finally, I can change channels from my cyclic stick....woo hoo!.

These will be sold through Composite FX (

We will be running an initial production build of the boards in the next week or so and they will be available in about a month.

The price will be about $150.
If anyone is interested, please contact me.

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.pdf   V10HelicopterStickRemote_Page1.pdf (Size: 40.76 KB / Downloads: 17)
Sign me up.
Hi Lorne
I will have one also mate
Dang, If this had been out a few months ago I'd probably still have a helicopter, gee thanks Lorne...  JK...

You should be running MGL Lorne, I only asked and pushed for that feature for 4 years.  I think you could do well with that product beyond the Mosquito Community, good job!

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