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Enigma Waypoint/Route csv text file utilities
I wrote some utilities to allow creation and maintenance of supplementary waypoints and routes using csv text files.

MglWpt2Csv.exe reads a WAYPOINT.EWD or *.ERT file and converts it to a csv text file.

This file can be easily edited. Coordinates from this file can be copied and pasted to Google maps for verification.
A block of coordinates can be copied and pasted into iFlightPlanner to verify or modify a route (easiest with an editor that supports column block mode).

The coordinates can be copied back from iFlightPlanner and updated in the csv file.

Waypoints can be added to the csv file using coordinates from Google Maps (right click, 'What's Here?' then copy coordinates).

Once the csv has all the waypoints and or updates, use MglCsv2Wpt.exe to generate an EWD or ERT file.

If you're savvy with a text editor, this may be useful.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll get the files to you.

Yes, I would like to acquire the utilities to use on my MGL Voyager EFIS (for my Rotorway 162f project).

Hope to see ya this weekend! I'm a little cold here in Charleston, SC ....... 43F and dropping tonight!


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