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flight sim
Anyone know of a used heli-chair available?
Anyone used one with success?
I made my own for RC. Works fine for me.

As far a full size, I've only had a demo R22 flight. I think I did okay with the cyclic (which was really the only control passed to me), it wasn't foreign at all, the reactions become an instinct and it's the same. I didn't get the pedals cuz it was just to windy, gusts to 25 that day. The movements I felt in the pedals I didn't have any 'feeling' for at all, I think just because it wasn't 'me' doing it. But there were some pretty good corrective inputs but I had no anticipation that they were coming. And the collective, I had my hand on it, but really couldn't perceive its movements at all. But, after the flight, I asked "how'd I do".... "Oh, definitely an 'A'..."

I was actually allowed the cyclic in a hover back near the hanger for just a minute and a couple gusts pushed us but I corrected ok but it seemed quite a push forward on the stick to correct, then a big pull back to return but the ship stayed in one place.
Like Burl, I also made my own and flew it for years before I started training in the real thing. I like many others started with flying models also. I'm sure it helped me with my eye hand coordination when starting with the real thing but did I jump right in and start hovering like a master? No. I will say though that all the previous flight time with models and flight simulators helped tremendously because my instructor said I had caught on very quickly. When learning to hover, it's more of a feeling in your seat thing and adjusting the cyclic ever so slightly to readjust instead of always over compensating to keep the machine steady. Will it help you in the long run? Absolutely. Smile
Since starting my flight training I haven't turned my flight-sim on once. My instructor said he can tell I'm "one of those flight-sim guys" because I keep looking at the control panel. "Eyes outside, just fly the damn thing" he said. haha

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